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I think are fleet needs to be more social. I'll go to feet chat and ask if anyone is on. Half the time there isn't an answer. I think we need to more stuff as a fleet. The starbase has helped but I think we can do better. Have more events as a fleet like we all do a stf of a fleet action. I know sto isn't the best game for doing this but we are Trekkies. Lets blow up some Borg.
I'm guilty of not answering at times. Usually i'm busy in a mission (that chat box is a pain to use during STF's and such) so often I would not answer, or its late and i'm finishing off a few Doff runs.

The issue is what is Fleet Time for everyone? Where and what time are most people free, or usually are free? Weekends might be best for people who play in the morning and evening and yet meet at the same "game time".

Perhaps some fleet event? I've run my fair share of STF's with fleet members and find it much better than trying my luck with public match ups.

Thoughts anyone?

Meeting on the Starbase is or other major station is best, its just a question of when.
Ok people I think we need to step it up we are getting a little sluggish with the fleet missions but good job a being more chative I've been able to stf's all the time with fleet members.
I find it's not too bad - what time zone are you on? It might just be that you're on at a different time to everyone else.

And by Fleet chat you do mean the STO channel, don't you? If it's actually in the Fleet channel, then not everyone has that showing in the chat window
No people are very active on the sto academy channel
Tbh, with me,I work long hours, so when I manage to get online its about getting stuff done. But I would like to be more active like i used to be, its just finding the time.
I THINK Flight is saying that we don't talk to each other as much as we should. Yes, that can be difficult at times, but saying "hello" under most conditions wouldn't hurt.

We should try hard not to become a Zombie Fleet.
If there was a Ventrilo server I'd be sure to pop in whenever I was playing.

#9 GSC is the fleet-suggested chat client, and yeah, I'd like to see us use it in a BIG way. 8-)

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