Phil's Ship Build
Hi all, firstly thank you for the help many of you have provided me. It has been great and made the game much better. I have played many online games but the community here beats it all.

Anyway, I am now level 46 and have a tactical cruiser which i like a lot.

Using the stuff people have given me, I have earned and bought this is my build. I know it is not perfect and would appreciate advice and guidance.

Below are the pics I think are relavent and I hope they make sense. I assume you guys know the symbols better than me but I can clarfiy what they are if needed.

I have partly followed Hilberts guide and as such the 7th row is my spacebar key bind stuff.

This is whats on my ship currenly, as per Hilberts guide I am going to get subspace field modulater. Not sure if to use it or what to replace it with though.

This is my ship stuff in my Inventory. Not sure if I can use any of it to improve things.

Hope this comes out ok and makes some sense. Thanks, Phil.
Nice talking to u yesterday. And so should stick to my advice do some stf's and at least get the Borg engine. I would get a few rcs consoles. Because they really help your turn rate. I got three of them it helps a lot in space and sector space. Smile
what are rc's? I am hoping to do lots of stf's. Thanks for the info etc, appreciate it.
RCS accelerator console it in increases flight turn rate
You really want a RCS console if you are using a cruiser.
I find high yield torp works beter then torp spread. And try to get a set it helps
Thanks guys, will take note. When you say a set, i guess you mean 2 or 3 rcs? They stackable then.
At end game there are some item 'sets' which have bonuses when you equip them together - you can get some from the story missions, like the Reman stuff.

On the subject of CS consoles, to be honest I wouldn't fuss over them much, particularly since you are heavy on the beam arrays, and you have tac abilities to buff turn rate.

Also when u hit max level I would look at some different energy weapons becase they have different affects for my beam arrays I use phased polaron it gives me the ability of both phasers and polaron
Never looked into the polaron weapon type but lots of people rave about antiprotons. With polaron I am not sure what the 2.5% chance means and the -25 power to subsystems. Also with antiproton I am not sure what +20% critical severity means. I would like the best alrounder weapon type but I am sure this is easier said than done.

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