Phil's Ship Build
All weapon types have a chance to apply a certain effect when they hit. In terms of Pols, this means that they drain some of the target's power from their sub-systems, weapons, shields and so forth. So, they are good for generally reducing the target's effectiveness. Antiprotons, on the other hand, score more damaging critical hits.

And yes, stfs for the borg gear is a great idea. Although don't buy mk X gear, save up for the mk XI stuff - you'll replace the mk X bits so quickly that the cost would bring a tear to your eye - something I'm glad I managed to avoid.

One of the best ways to check out the beam weapon types is this handy page - <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -Arrow

so it depends what you're looking to do.
I have made adjustments as I have been learning which I will post an updating version today. I am now concentrating on getting fleet credits in order to get XII weapons. Got the three peices of borg kit from STF's, just got to get the console from the assimilation mission which is ages away for me. Still on the Romulan story lol. Thanks all as always.
Hmmm, I'm at the borg missions now - I was just playing them for fun, I didn't realise that they gave some useful things. Will continue.

I'll keep the team based quests for when you're around, Phil
Ha, i need plenty of practice at the team ones....

Feel free to donate the the assimilated module borg console if you get a couple from the assimilated mission. Its part of the Undine advance story so the last ones I think.
I think it's probably bind on pickup.

To show my build I will use pics so hope this comes across ok and makes sense. This is now my updated build.

Weapons are anti proton very rare XI beam arrays and 2 XI very rare photon torps.
Shield, Engine and deflector are the assimilated borg set.
Amoung my devices I have a subspace field modulator.
Engineering consoles are: XI rare monotanium alloy, XI rare Neutronium alloy x2 and an XI rare field emitter.
Science consoles are: XI rare shield emitter amplifier and XI rare field generator.
Tactical slots are XI common Anti proton mag regulator x3.

My stations are powers as pictured above are:
Lt Tactical: Tac team 1 and torp spread 2.
Ens Tactical: Fire at will 1.
Cmdr Enginnering: Epts 1 and 2, Aux power to structual integratory 3 and Aceton beam 2.
Lt Cmdr Eng: Eng team 1 and 2 plus reverse shield polarity 2.
Lt Sci: Polarize Hull 1 and Science team 2.

My Doffs are above.

I mostly use my ship as a healer for me and team. Row 7 of my powers uses the space bar keybind as per Hilberts guide.
Forgot to post my skills: <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""> ... l3822_2160</a><!-- m -Arrow
Man, that's a big improvement. Good work on outfitting yourself.
A couple of thoughts.

- Aceton beam is just plain worse than the possible alternatives. Warp Plasma and DEM are both powerful, and the healing alternatives of Extend 3 and Aux to Struc 3 may be of more interest, considering you want to be a tanky-healer type. In a similar vein, I would also find room for the following skills: transfer shield strength, hazard emitters, and extend shields. I would cut out polarise hull, science team and one copy of engineering team to make room.

- Consider mines in the rear. Chroniton Mines can really ruin an escort's day.

- Directed Energy Modulation is great on tactical captains, and can help a lot to keep the pressure on your opponents. Warp Plasma is good for more crowd control. Not taking either one is a big shame!

- Look into Damage Control Engineers (consider taking more than one) and Shield Distribution Officers. Matter-antimatter Specialists will help if you decide to use Warp Plasma.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

Thanks for your feedback, glad things are improving. I had noticed the Aceton beam was poor but did not know about the alternatives. I had always discounted mines but maybe a good thought to try out. I had just got rid of extend shields for science team lol. This was based upon a build similar to what I have been working towards. Can you give details of the difference between them and why one is better? That would help me alot. Thanks for the info though, I will apply and see how it goes.

I want an escort now but really want to keep this ship but not run another toon. What are the options? Thanks.

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