Special Lock Box Promotion - Thank goodness
I think you need more lock boxes, lol.
Will it still cost a master key to open? So all the F2P cheap-skates like me will be picking up loot that is just space taking?
Well, the good stuff might lower in price on the exchange. The ships are particularly nice, and their prices do fluctuate.

The orb weaver is the best tier 5 science ship that I've seen, that's for sure.
The Orb Weaver is probably the best Sci ship for killing things (grav well, high level torpedo spread, cannon scatter volley, warp plasma), so yeah. The Recluse is also the best boat for Heal and Support. Tholians have it good!

Do keys drop in lvl 50 missions, or are they strictly store bought?
Just store bought Sad
well that bites, cant afford more til next monthly stipend arrives from PWE, figures i had to buy 20 keys in the week before they go on sale ... Smile
I bought 3 keys (traded Dil for Zen) and opened 1 of each (Card, Fer & Tho) boxes. Got some cool Doffs from it, so not really complaining.
With the sale on lock box keys, I wondered if they were planning on releasing a new lock box--but this makes sense now. I'll have to keep an eye on the exchange this weekend, I'd love to pick up some cheap ships. Smile

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