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I am not able to upload any images nor add a sig that I created myself. I have tried to upload it using the sig upload and it is 500x150 px but the sig upload doesn't work for png images and I use transparency in my sigs. Also I have tried to upload images to other image upload sites and then post the images here, but the forum does not register the images for some reason. I have tried multiple upload sites and even my own personal website space..., none of them work..

Any Ideas what's wrong?
For uploading to here, I'll need to look into it.

As for uploading them to other sites then adding it here, how are you putting them in the signature?

I got your mail in game and added my sig using the forums sig area under the user cp. The upload for the sig area is not working.
Just figured it out. I didn't have png as an accepted file. Should work now.


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