Two missing items (unrelated)
Hi there,

Two things to report:

1) Under Space Reputation traits, the Nukara Aux Power Config: Offensive is missing from the list of available ones.

2) The Romulan ground weapons aren't available; I mean the ones like the Repeater Pistol and the Wide Beam Rifle, there are one or two more in that group.


- I have no problem finding th Nukara Aux Powers. Just type in Aux and it will automatically sort them out for you.

- As for the mentioned weapons: while there is a long list of Romulan weapons, the 2 mentioned are missing.
Instead there are 2 Wide Beam Pistols in the line-up.
Thanks! I can confirm the Aux traits are there.

I'll look into the Rom weapons as soon as I get a chance.

It looks like the weapons that are missing are:

plasma split beam pistol
plasma wide beam rifle
plasma long range assault minigun
plasma charged burst assault

And as for the Rep trait, when I search on Aux, all I get is the Defensive one.  :-\

(02-02-2017, 06:59 PM)pdonovan Wrote: And as for the Rep trait, when I search on Aux, all I get is the Defensive one.  :-\


That is weird. That usually only happens when the trait has already been selected in another slot.
Are you sure you don't have it in another slot yet?
Or maybe just clear all slots and reassign them.
The Offensive trait is there, it just doesn't have a picture.
Thanks for the list of weapons.

Hmm I see both the trait and image. Can you either post the link to your build here or send it to me. I wonder if there is some bug that's affecting your specific build. Don't change anything on the build yet.

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I also see both trait and image, but have to admit that sometimes the images don't want to show up, no matter if trait, weapon, console etc. A reload usually fixes that.
The build in question is:
This is the build I've been working on the most lately but I don't think I've ever seen the pic show up.

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