Okay no dumb questions..you asked for it
First of all, thank you all for your replies.I am reading them all, nd trying to be teachable. (My wife is a teacher, and one of her everyday statements is "These kids need to learn to be teachable!)
I have read some on key bindings and I ran across The Hilbert Guide. Now I understand it is really out dated, and I am lost as to what to put into my tray and what order to use. With my luck and lack of understanding...I will be actiating a row of science skills..and wondering how and why I just died.
So I guess my next question would be
What should go into my tray if I go forward with the key bindings?
I have been looking into that again myself in the last few days.

Here is a vid from an STO Youtuber (Valikin) about it:

And here is a program (comes with little vids) that will make keybinding much much easier:

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