Okay no dumb questions..you asked for it
I have tried looking for information and I get no where fast.
I have no idea how to setup my skill tree. Or what to put into my tray and what to use when? I am currently flying a Heavy escort carrier I am a tach level 54.
I am so lsot it is not funny.
Any help would be most welcome
This is not as dumb a question as some might think, STO is the worst game I've ever played when it come to teaching people how to level up and build their ships.  The best way to get help is to put your current build into the skill planner and post it in the builds section of the forum with info on what you want to do with the build.
I agree, definitely post your current build. It'll help a lot when guiding you.

I do have some questions which will help guide you. What level are you? What to expect to accomplish (be a healer, cause a lot of damage, a combination of the two, something else)? What type of ship do you want to fly, cruiser, science vessel, escort?

My motto has always been not to worry too much about your skills and equipment until reach level 50+. By that point you'll have access to a lot more and can really start to plan. You should even have respec tokens so you can redo your skills if necessary.

Aside from that, read the skill descriptions. In my opinion Cryptic has done a great job at describing what they do. Also, you'll notice skills are chained together. There is no need to pick the third skill in a chain, it doesn't provide enough of a bonus.

Hello Mike and welcome to the best fleet in the game!

Very good suggestions above, but here's the quick and dirty:

Weapons are generally best kept to the same type (beam arrays, cannons etc) and the same energy type (phaser, tetryon, plasma). Each type of weapon has advantages and disadvantages (some people don't like the 'noise' of some types... Antiproton for example), but what most people agree on is that the weapon 'mods' are quite important when you get past level 60 if you are set on doing max damage. Just try and keep all phasers or all plasma to start with and all cannons or beam arrays.

Mods include things like Acc, Dmg, CrtD etc. If you hover your mouse over the weapon in question it will show what type of mods it has. For episode play, it doesn't really matter what the mods are.

All your ship components have levels and rarity. Mk1 - Mk14 for level and white (common) to Gold (Epic). As you can imagine, the higher the rank and rarity the better they are.

If you're just leveling a character and playing story missions, these are not super-important, but when you hit end-game content and reach level 60, you may want to start buying/crafting better equipment. You don't have to though! Only fools will tell you you're having fun wrong!

The skill planner on this site lets you search for builds, it was easiest for me when I started to find one I liked and then copy it. Better gear becomes available through the reputation system (you can google info on that) as well as the lobi crystal consortium. As mentioned, you can also craft (make stuff yourself through the R&D tab) your own gear or buy it from various fleet outlets (Fleet mine/Spire/Embassy). You can also buy stuff using Energy Credits on the exchange.

feel free to ask questions in-game. We're a friendly bunch Smile


I totally agree with our big chief Attilio: we need to know more about your build, and build goals before we can give you better advice on how to skill. Also, STO is a complex game, with complex game mechanics, so just reading the skills might not tell you enough about the importance or un-importance of some skills for your exact build.
For that I suggest to really talk to other experienced players, and maybe take a look at reddit.com/r/stobuilds, and check out their wiki. 

But here some general advice: 

Generally speaking, currently 3 options to setup your skill tree stick out:
- A build with heavy emphasis on Science (aka Sci Ult build)
- A build with heavy emphasis on Tactical (aka Tac Ult build)
- a balanced build

Ult stands for Ultimate. Every Tree has an ultimate ability, something that is available once you have at least 24 points invested into that tree. The ultimate ability can be further enhanced if you invest up to 3 more points into that particular skill tree, totaling the investment at 27 points, which takes a big chunk out of the 46 you have available at lvl 60.
Only the Science and the Tactical ultimate abilities are worth getting. They can greatly boost personal and team performance. The engineer ability pales against these.

Here is the confusing part:
It might seem strange, but currently the Sci Ult build is the strongest build for Energy Weapon builds, unless you have a high end build with 40% or higher Crit Chance, and/or usually team up with other high end players.
The ultimate ability grants 50% critical chance, and it effects all enemies, while the tac ability boosts damage and only effects one enemy (preferably a boss level enemy).
Another great thing about the Sci Ult build is not only gives good damage boosts, but also greatly boosts your shields, granting you more durability. 

On the other hand Tac Ult builds have also been used with great effect in Exotic builds.
Sounds paradox, isn't it? 

A balanced build is for players who rather want to cherry pick the best of all 3 tree, as of going after any Ultimate means you will definitely miss out on something, and might even have to skill something you don't want/need. Also, skilling for an Ultimate adds yet another skill to the Micro Managing of abilities, something that can be overwhelming for a lot of players. 

Here another overview of all skills: http://sto.gamepedia.com/Skill
Ok i THINK I did what you asked.
My ship is the U.S.S. Britannia and I saved ehr on the skill planner
(02-02-2017, 06:57 PM)Mikejohnson37 Wrote: Ok i THINK I did what you asked.
My ship is the U.S.S. Britannia and I saved ehr on the skill planner

Once you save a build you automatically receive a link you can copy. 
Please copy that into your post, that way nobody has to start searching for it. 
i.e. there are 24 pages of ship builds just for the normal Heavy Escort Carrier, and you didn't tell us which version you use.
Not a bad build considering how little this game does to teach you.  What do you want to do with your build?  Cannons will work better as a DPS build but with the right doffs and traits you can do almost anything.  Other than maybe the Wide Arc cannons, I've never priced them, you don't have anything too expensive on your build yet so switching to a torp boat or tank wouldn't be too big of a waste.
To be honest, I am not at all sure what I want to do. I guess I picked Tach & escorts to be DPS.
My main thing is..I want to learn to play the game..and be good at it. Not looking to be perfect, but there is a reason why I keep returning. I love star trek. And this game, if could could figure out what or how to play it correctly is my best bet to do that.
Understand what I am trying to say?

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