Game running poorly on Linux.
Has anyone else that runs on Linux or Mac been having any problems?  I've been having a lot of what I thought was lag since the start of the event but I made some changes to my network that cut my ping in half and I'm still having problems.  I'm starting to think the game is just coded so badly that even though I should be able to run it on max settings the extra overhead from wine is just too much to even run it at low settings.  Going to try switching to Windows for a little bit to see how it runs without wine.  I'm glad the event is so easy, otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to complete it.
If you're on mac, unfortunately it's no longer supported as of last year. Mac users will experience more and more problems as time goes on.

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I'm running Linux, Ubuntu 16.04, that's why I have to run wine to play STO.  I think the game has just gotten to the point that even though my PC should be able to run the game at max settings it just can't handle the game and the extra resources wine takes to run it anymore.  I'll find out in a few days after I pick up a new copy of Windows.
The game is running better than I've ever had it run on Linux now that I'm back on WIndows, guess it just doesn't get along very well with wine.  Game looks great now that I can turn the settings up to max and turn the new lighting system on but is there anyway to turn the reflections down.  The KDF SB isn't bad but everything on the Fed SB is reflective and it's bloody annoying.
You could try the bloom setting, I'm not sure if that's what you're referring to. I can't recall if there are any reflection settings.

I've seen a few videos where techy people would sandbox windows on a mac using linux to punk back those annoying "microsoft security" scammers, but that's way over my head on how to do that... perhaps that could be an option instead of giving up linux for windows dependence.
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Gaming pretty much killed Linux for me.  I don't really have any interest in getting a new console and there just isn't enough support for Linux for me to do all my gaming on it.  Devs love to bitch about Microsoft's attempts to make Windows a closed platform but refuse to take advantage of the alternatives they have.
You mean using a virtual machine on mac or linux? That's always an option. Either that or have a dual boot.

It is all a big Windows conspiracy.
No wonder you didn't succeed. Linux is not suitable for the requirements of a large number of games. My friend has been using Linux for several years, and installing or buying a single game has not been without problems. It's not even worth talking about Mac. It is not profitable for developers to create a separate version for Mac, given that almost no one plays on them.  I advise you to use the virtual version of Windows. When my friend was looking for ways to play Minecraft on the advice of on Linux, virtual boxing helped him. However, this will require a powerful PC.

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