Time Ship spotted in sto
After I heard about the Time Ship I searched google to find this. Confusedhock:

For members of the fleet who dont know.
The U.S.S. Wells (NCV-474438-A) is a Wells class timeship in service to the Federation during the 29th century.

Recently, the Wells has been making appearances in 2409, helping Starfleet in battles against the Klingon Empire and the True Way Alliance. Its purpose in our time is unknown.

Lets hope it don't go back to the future. :lol:


Q: (lowestlvl) Wells Class… when? New KDF ships… when?

Dstahl: Currently both are scheduled for the second half of this month (September).

This is a quote from the newest ask cryptic. I love the episode of voy this is in. But to me it's ugly.

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