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While leveling my first toon I failed to select any science vessels with my promotions and now find myself at a disadvantage in completing the admiralty missions.  Now on my second alt, I am planning on choosing at least one science vessel, but am unsure at what point to select it. I am at my Captain promotion and do not want to sacrifice viability in the storylines just to be able to complete more admiralty missions.  What should I do?

I don't think you'll sacrifice viability. All ships are good enough for the storyline, especially at Captain. The equipment is what will really make the difference, but either way you'll have the same equipment.


The upcoming 7th Anniversary features the brand new T6 Lukari Science Vessel. In your case, I'd use one toon to get it and other toons to acquire Ships from recent Anniversary events like the T5 Dyson Science Destroyer and/or the T6 Krenim Science Vessel.

Btw, you can also buy some T1 - T4 ships with refined Dilithium at the ship dealer. Depending on how much you have, that could help as well.
I'm really trying not to spend any $$ to do this, and what i'm finding is there are no KDF science vessels to be had as promotion ships.  I suppose that makes sense in a way as the Klingons are warriors and science takes a back seat in their culture.  On the other hand, to maintain at least technological parity with the other races you would assume that they do have competent scientists.  My only concern was, because i didn't choose any science vessels with my UFP toon's promotions, i am finding it harder and harder to complete admiralty missions now.  I do think the advice to purchase one with dil is a good idea, and as i still have available ship slots, I will probably spend the dil and get one.

(01-12-2017, 05:58 AM)roughrider1988 Wrote: I'm really trying not to spend any $$ to do this, and what i'm finding is there are no KDF science vessels to be had as promotion ships.
All the more reason to grab those Anniversary Ships at the next Anniversary event. Wink
I did all my leveling without worrying about doing everything at once. If you can work it in, great. I just decided that greenhorn's first priority should be getting their gear on par with the 7 years worth of power creep... then the rest. all these other systems were added over the years to keep the players that have been with the game since beta interested while we wait for the next episode to come out at a decreasing rate... there was a plan for admiralty,doff, R&D, and fleet assignments to be available offline via a mobile gateway so players could keep up at work too, but that was put on hold way back during the Delta Rising campaign.
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Don't forget, shuttles can be used in admiralty missions aswell and a few models can be aqquired with just Energy Credits - shuttles give some nice bonuses to your missions that you might find beneficial

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I didn't think about the shuttles..... good advice. Thanks!

By completing episodes and Admiralty experience you will be awarded with special admiralty ships that are good all rounders as well Smile

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