Getting word out on Optional Bridges
I'll have to check that out. What else can I blow my 1.1mil ECs on?
For 1.1 million ECs, I could probably find you a good vintage of Chateau Picard.

Regarding bridges, I do like having a choice for each of my ships. My only gripe is that they're mostly one size fits all. It's kind of irksome to be flying around in one of my remaining light cruisers or Rhode Island science vessels and be sitting in the same bridge as I have on my Dreadnaughts and Oddies. So far, my answer has been to mix it up a little with San Francisco bridges on most of my larger ships, Odyssey bridges on my Odysseys (now there's a no brainer), and standard bridges on anything tier four or below.
Changed my bridge - similar design to the Diplomatic, but another colour scheme

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