Fleet credit commendation
To get the commendation for 1,000,000 fleet credits, do you have to get your balance to 1 million, or is it a running count? If you spend any before you reach 1 mil in the "bank" does that set you back toward the goal?

This doesn't count the credits you spend on items, it's the credits you earn on the fleet projects.

For example - if you earn 1000 fleet credits, that's part of the total we use for the commendations. Those are the fleet credits you are then able to spend.

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Ok.... makes sense, but i wanted to be sure. Thanks.

I don't think they will count bonus credits from boosts you can get off the exchange, or in the C-store as a purchase or a giveaway either, just what is your lifetime fleet credit number for credits earned in any STOA fleet...

As has been discussed in previous threads, you should also be aware that the fleet bots used to track these numbers can only track points from the STOA fleets but not the tertiary fleets in the armada since they are owned and operated by others not in our admiralty. It's kinda like an airline alliance system- you can use and get credits on the foreign airline, but you can't get recognition towards an upgrade to preferred status or first class from there.
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Does that 1 million need to be earned on each toon to get credit, or do all toons in STOA fleets cumulatively count toward the tally?

All toons in any STOA fleet(s)

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Much obliged.  I'll keep chipping away then.


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