I'm not sure if such things exist in STO, but I've heard people talking about their DPS and so on, so I guess they do - Third party add-ons.

In particular, I'm after a team DPS meter and also something a little more complex..........

In WoW there was an addon that would occaisonally collate all of the information from their version of the exchange - it would then help you to see what the best price to see an item was quickly and easily.

How do I use add-ons, and what do people suggest?

I'm not aware of anything like a Team DPS meter or an easy way to access prices on the Exchange using add-ons.

As for the Exchange, it has been broken for over a year and no one seems interested in fixing it. In a nutshell, the Exchange shows some, but not all, of the prices for a given item. The prices it shows vary depending on how you look for a the item, If you are looking for Very Rare Photon Torpedoes Mk X, you will see them at different price ranges depending on whether you search under "All" or under "Ship Weapons." You will also see different prices depending on whether you use the search term "Photon," "Torpedo," "Mk X," or any combination of those. It is not uncommon for an item to be listed in one place as having prices ranging from 50 EC to 500 EC and in another as having prices ranging from 500,000 EC to 5,000,000 EC for the exact same item. Meanwhile, somebody else is seeing prices somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. I know this because I have sold items at prices that were higher than the ones listed on one part of the Exchange, but lower than the ones listed in another part of the Exchange. The result is that there is no way to accurately price an item because you never know whether your price will be listed or if it will be one of the ones nobody sees. For buyers it means that you cannot rely on the lowest listed price for an item actually being the lowest, since there is probably a way to look for the same item that will give you a substantially lower price for it.
We should all be happy that there is no such team dps meter or STO would quickly become filled with rantings of WoW style elitist pricks telling people that they arent allowed to go do stf's because they don't have purple gear :roll:
Parsers do exist, I believe, but I don't know much more than that.

Yes there is a parser, and also a plugin for ACT. I've used the parser a couple times but it's such a pain in the rear i decided that as long as things are dying all is well. If you want to find a parser just google it Smile Just remember, it's a game lol don't get all hung up on dps.
I can understand why some people wouldn't like it, but I know in WoW that I used it for fine-tuning/checking. For example, if I should be in a certain range with DPS but I'm way under, then I have an issue somewhere which I can address.

But I also like the idea that if stuff dies more often than I do, then things are going well..........

As for the exchange, that's good to know. I have a few items on there, but I think I'll just store them if they don't sell this time round

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