Iconian missions
i finally finished all of the delta quad missions, including a run-through of all the dailies, and i was wanting to start the Iconian episode.  When i open up the episode block for the Iconians, I am not able to hail any mission giver.  I am an Admiral (58) so i am level qualified.  Is there a trick to getting the missions? a prequel that must be done first? Any thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like you're at the precipus where the promotion is imminent, but the actual points are just shy of it registering... keep in mind that when these missions debuted, there was several months in between them just like where we are right now with waiting on episode 2 of AOY Part 2, so players during that time had a lot of waiting to do with patrol missions and special event grinding. I have also had this happen to my toons... during the Cardassian/DS9 arc too.

You may need to invest your spec points that I'm guessing are piling up now from your other thread. Put them into Temporal as primary, and Strategist as secondary after you finish with your primary. Then Commando for ground ops. I went with pilot as my primary to start with because it worked best for how i fly, but it's really up to you which one to do first- most builds prefer temporal for the boosted EPG damage which you're going to really need against the Iconians. Trust me, if you thought the Vaadwaur were a pain, the Iconians are the real mofos!
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actually i have already invested my skill points in the command spec.  Is there something else that needs to be completed to unlock the Iconian episode?  Is my ship not qualified?  I don't mind grinding more dailies and Doff missions for the xp and such if that is necessary.  Until then..... thanks for the help.

I had the same problem and went and checked every episode and found I missed one right before iconian missions

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unfortunately, so did I and i finally REALLY finished it just the other night.  Now that I reached level 60, it's time to devote more to my KDF alt.


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