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I remember reading the post, but now I can't find it, so if someone knows...... it dealt with how to change your settings so that you could fire at multiple enemies, not just the target you had highlighted. If someone can direct me back to that post, or remind me how to do it I would appreciate it very much.  Thanks for your replies!

(01-27-2017, 04:26 PM)Chris Wrote: I can help point you in the right way-

While I don't remember how to do it, it breaks it out in the Hilbert guide.

You can find it in this thread for a bit ago-

I think it's in the keybinds and UI settings, it steps through what you are talking about hitting multiple targets when that weapon arcs find a target.   (Obviously you want to be able to turn this off when you are doing STFs, as You don't want to always be shooting the wrong Borg generators and gates when you mare flying by them.

Reading it, many of it's tips are still current, but some of the actually build suggestions might need some updates since they were laid out in an earlier version of the game.


thanks for the help.... I'll fiddle with it and see what suits me best.


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