Something Incorrect/Missing from Skill Planner? Post it Here!
Looking at the Bugs and feedback subforum, most of these threads seem to be about items, traits, skills, etc. that are missing from the Skill Planner. I figured it might be a good idea (if you can, anyway) to make a single thread for reporting missing or incorrect stuff. Obviously, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but I encourage everyone to post whatever they notice is missing or incorrect or needs updating here!

Things I noticed so far:
Starship Consoles Starship Weapons Ground Weapons Kit Modifiers
  • Missing Kit Modifiers: [+Dis], [+Pla], [Pol], [+Tet], [+Ap], [WpnDmg], [PSG], [Undine]
  • Obsolete Kit Modifiers: [Demo], [Gen], [Mods], [Repair]
Kit Modules
  • In a recent update (October 2016, I believe) Cryptic got rid of all the different types of kit modules (Assault/Strategic, Fabrication/Mechanic, and Research/Medic), meaning the icons in the top-left corner are obsolete. Kit modules with the type in the name also have to be renamed.
Ground Traits Space Traits Starship Traits
Hi, I appreciate the effort but I prefer individual threads. I use them as a sort of checklist, and it also provides me the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the person if it is necessary.

I'll look over your list of bugs as soon as possible and fix them. Thanks! Smile

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