Need opinions (theres a can of worms to open)
Ok so I have this sci officer named Sironal and I'm considering a different weapons config for her RSV. My thoughts were to run 3 photon torps up front with 3 tet turrets on the rear. I've done a torp boat with my tac officer and it's gone rather well; however the skill specs are completely different between them. My question here is, will my current skill set be enough to make my plan a success, or an utter failure?

Sironal's current skill build:

Now I am thinking about tweaking her just a bit to bring her torp skills more in line with what I'm thinking here, but it's got to wait for a while.

Edit: Forgot to stick in the proposed tweaks to the skill set lol.
I'd love to see that in action.......
You might find yourself needing some more energy weapon punch - I suggest taking a Dual Beam Bank and 2 torpedoes on the front, rather than 3 torpedoes. It also gives you subsystem targeting! Also, if you have the right doffs (ie. Purple Projectile Weapon) then quantums are better than photons, I believe - or you might find Chroniton and Quantum combined better, since you're a sci ship.

Heh forgot about subsystem targeting. Yeah i grabbed one of my tet dbb's and 2 q-torps and went for a spin. It wasn't too horribly bad, but a respec would definately be needed to make this a viable setup.
It will probably be worth grinding up the 40 Encrypted Data Chips required to get a Purple Borg Projectile Weapons Doff - 2 of those will make quantums arguably the best torps in this case I think - for damage at least.


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