how did you do it?
looking through the posts and at the bottom of many of the posts, the posters have the big picture with their face, academy fleet and commendations..... how do you make one of those?  They look great!

You are looking for the fleet signature maker

Although the avatar next to my name, above here, I created on my own using photoshop.

EDIT: Oh and for commendations, just click the My Commendations button here

That is so cool. Feel much more like a member of the fleet now instead of a total noob (even though I don't have any commendations).  You guys are great!

how did you save the avatar picture to your profile? you mentioned photoshop, but i have one saved in paint that i would like to use.

never mind..... a little clicking and i found it.  sorry to sound so stupid!

Don't apologize, there's nothing wrong with asking questions.


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