Dilithium or etc
Want to know the best way to earn Dilithium or any other currency quick as possible
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Dilithium: do Lore daily, Review Officers' Report with 3 "broken console" foundry missions, do Doffs' missions, grind STFs (Elite preferably), do exploration missions x3 for explore sector mission reward, do K'errat daily mission.
Satellite defense and Explore strange new worlds - 2 dailies that will give you nearly 3k ore combined. Do the Explore one in conjunction with a Diplomatic mission to speed it up and get some bonus diplomatic XP, too.

Mining isn't too bad, but out of the way unless you're in the area, really.

Doff missions are more lucrative than they seem, as your Doffs can be off earning you ore while you're doing the same. It might only be 5 ore in some cases, but that's 5 ore that you've not really had to do anything for - 5 ore that you might have earned while being offline all snuggled up in your bed! Poor Doffs never get to sleep......................
Another way to get Dilithium fairly quickly is to do the Kerrat missions that go under various names all starting with "War Zone" ("War Zone of the Klingon Ravagers", "War Zone of the Klingon Pillagers", etc.). Some, but not all of my toons are able to access these missions and some, but not all, are able to do two at the same time. It takes about forty-five minutes to run through Kerrat three times to earn the Dilithium, but each War Zone mission gives you 1440 EC for doing Kerrat three times, so if you do the two at once you get 2880 EC just for doing the missions. If you actually do well in them, you can pick up some rather impressive equipment drops and mission rewards in addition to he ECs and XPs.

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