Pen Weapon Mod
While EPS is important, there is a max amount after which stacking more EPS will not help your ship perform better.
Actions i.e. shooting weapons use power. EPS helps replenish that used power, not less, but also not more.
Once you have an EPS rate that matches your usage you don't need more. There is no benefit from it.
The highest setting you can do on your ship is 100. Some consoles give bonuses to that setting, but it is near impossible to reach the goal of 125. 
That's where Drains like the Plasmonic Leech and Energy Siphon come into play.
They will steal power from enemies and feed it into your ships subsystems, overcharging them in the process.
Bonuses like DrainX will boost drains. 
Ideally you want a mix of drains and EPS to reach Weapon Power of 125 and keep it there as long as possible.
There are also abilities and traits that help reduce the power cost of weapons. All works together.
And don't forget you also want more Energy in your other systems, as everything profits from more energy.

So unfortunately your idea of an EPS DPS build does not work. It has become a standard to have a Plasmonic Leech on your ship (at least when using Energy Weapons), so you will find it on every build.

As for the Xenotech Console with Power transfer rate, that rate is much lower than what a EPS Flow Regulator or  Conductive RCS Accelerator with [EPS] mod will do. So in terms of EPS they are less ideal.

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