Laeosa Boff abilities
Hi there,

On the Fleet Laeosa, the LCdr Eng/Temp and Cdr Sci both seem to be unable to slot boff abilities.  Without knowing what's going on behind the scenes, I strongly suspect this is due to the typos in the words "Engineering" and "Commander". 

I haven't looked at the other new ships, but if this is the case, I'd suggest double checking the non-Fleet Laeosa, and both version of the Sutherland and Naj'Sov while you're at it.  Smile

Thanks. Should be working now.

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Laeosa looks good, Naj'Sov and Sutherland I just looked at, and confirmed they're still broken.  Smile

EDIT: I take it back, the Engineering seat is still broken; it would seem that you can now slot any type of ability in that seat (Tac/Eng/Sci/Int/Cmd/Pilot/TO).
Check now

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Nope, still doing it.

EDIT: looks fixed on a new ship, but not on the one I've already entered data into.  Am I gonna have to redo that build?  :-\
Give me the link, I'll fix it in the database for you

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Thanks, but too late, I just rejiggered the ship to shake the boff loose.  I'll re-enter the stuff from my notes.
Sounds good.

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