Monty so Far - ANOTHER build thread
Oh! I think tetryons are boosted by flow capacitors. So maybe check that out., along with the omega force set bonus and tachyon beam ability that could be a lot of shield drain.

You shouldn't be thinking about any "retreat," focus on the matter at hand!
Okay, forget the torp launcher - broadsiding an enemy ship with just 3 phaser beams and the hull goes down like it's a timer! Awesomes, especially with another on the front
I'm now running 2 phaser arrays and a photon tube fore, 2 x phaser turrets and a phaser array aft. I know the array does less dps on paper than the new array, but the different firing arc means that it has more S's to do the DP in!

All is borg tech apart from 1 of the turrets. It's actually doing pretty well, but tomorrow I'll try it in an STF.

Anyone have any more thoughts on it?

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