Monty so Far - ANOTHER build thread
So, here is my build so far.

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Would appreciate your thoughts on wasted space/things I can use more.

I like flying in, using the Gravity Well and Viral Matrix, torp spread and jam sensors, then cycling through Rift if multiple foes or Tach Beam if 1-on-1. I'll often turn tail and jet off while things come off cool down, then turn to repeat the process.

I have 14,877 points at the moment, but I'm only lvl 47

Currently a mix of weaps - Phaser Beam, Plasma Cannon and Quantum torp fore. Tetryon turret, beam and a photon torp aft., but with +15% Beam, +15% Photon Torp, +20.6% Plasma Energy tactical consoles.

I'm thinking of replacing the aft Tetryon beam with a Phaser and replacing the fore Plasma Cannon with a Phaser Cannon from the STF marks (XI) as a first steps, or maybe replace the photon aft for a phaser

I throw myself on your Q-like knowledge. I am the Wesley Crusher to your Data...........
Looking at your build there are some problems (bearing in mind this is from personal experience and opinion),

Your boff skills, mainly your Tactical, could have better use. Your Ensign Tactical should be Torpedo Spread 1 instead of Beam Fire at Will 1.
For Liutennant, keep the Tactical Team, and replace Torpedo Spread 2 with a Beam Fire at Will of similar rank.

You should really be running only 1 energy type throughout, to not only get the best from your consoles but the best of the energy type's abilities. In this case, you should be running Phaser throughout instead of mixing Plasma and Phaser. Phasers on a Science Vessel are fantastic, because not only is the Vessel capable of disabling Subsystems, but that is also the Phaser energy types ability, so you have even more chance of doing that and being a more effective member of the team.

Get rid of whatever turrets and cannons you have and run Phaser Beam arrays. Have at least 1 Torpedo in your Fore and 1 Dual Phaser Beam array in Fore also, leaving your other slots for single arrays. For Aft weapons, load them out with single phaser beam arrays, there will be little need for torpedo's here.

For your tactical consoles you can either have 1 for your Torpedo type and the rest Phaser Relays, or all Phaser Relays, considering you'll ideally only be using 1 torpedo.

I hope this helps! Smile
Thanks James. Shock on the fact that you love the phasers..............

Can I go with

Fore - Phaser beam, Phaser duel beam, Quantum torp.
Aft - Tetryon Turret (I do love it so much!) with Phaser beam x 2?

Will that be enough for take-down, especially in single player? With all those beams, I can see the logic in swapping Spread II and Beam I for Spread I and Beam II.

What are the issues with the points distribution?

Also have to say that the Tetryon turret is a Borg piece, so I'm loathe to swap it out, especially too soon.
There is absolutely no point in sticking in a random Tetryon Turret, that will do no good, and for the ability the phaser's have twinning with the science vessel, you should be replacing it with a phaser beam array, to also compliment the Beam Fire at Will skill.

Unfortunately skill builds aren't my area of expertise, ship builds I can do Tongue
Jstagg Wrote:......Unfortunately skill builds aren't my area of expertise, ship builds I can do Tongue

That you can!

Okay, I'll work up to that - there are other things that need to come out first.

I have 3 Rare Borg Salvages (what is the plural for salvage? Salvi??) so I'll get an XI item when I'm next on - maybe the duel phaser for the fore section. I have some more phaser beam arrays in storage to replace the photon and so on.

I'll be on the hunt for the consoles. Drops best or the exchange?
In the past on my Recon Sci I've had reasonable success with one or two dual beam banks at the front + torpedoes of your flavour (chroniton are very good, so you could hypothetically take one chroniton and one quantum, along with a phaser dual beam bank), and then stick phaser turrets on the rear. That way you can maximise the front arc-dps, get plenty of phaser procs, and thump them with torpedoes.

The classic use of two projectile weapon duty officers to reduce your torpedo cooldowns will make a big difference to your damage, assuming you want to use torpedoes they are a very solid choice. As stated above, it goes without saying that you generally shouldn't mix weapon types, except in specific circumstances. Also I kind of think tetryon is crap anyway. Phasers, on the other hand, whilst being a touch lackluster against the Borg, are ruinous against normal enemies and in pvp.

What else? Oh, Ensign Tactical as tac team 1 is good, I would also include Torpedo Spread 1 and Attack Pattern Beta 1 (especially since you've specced into it!).

Hope that helps a little.

I have to say, I do like the idea of more than just phaser beam arrays aft, as I can either have them or the duel beam bank firing - the two don't overlap. I know that arrays on the aft will give me more power when I'm 'making a strategic withdrawal', but until then it's quite wasted apart from on the larger ships where both fore and aft weapons can fire.

So, latest thinking - Phaser beam array, duel bank and a torp fore. Phaser turret x 2 and a beam array (for when I'm in full retreat!) aft.

Maybe drop the phaser turret count to 1 and then have two beam arrays and a turret in the aft.

Ah, it's all fun and games.............
Try them both, see what you like best!

Oh, as for skills, remember shared cooldowns and also that jam sensors is of kind of limited use, arguably polarise hull is better.

Okay, I currently have 2x beam array rear, with one turret (the borg tetryon, that will stay for a while!) and up front I have a beam array, duel beam and then the quantum.

Beam arrays are Mk VIII, quantum is regular Mk X and the duel beam and tetryon are Borg Mk XI and X respectively.

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