which tier 5 cstore ship should i get for science?
As subject... there's not much choice though. Between the long range science vessel retrofit and the carrier, which should I get? My 1st choice would be the intrepid class.. my favorite ship so far, but I can't find much use of it for my tac officer... the carrier is a nice choice for versatility.. but I don't like a ship that turns like a turtle. Or would it be recommended to wait for the Vesta class?
Any suggestion would be useful! Smile
I'm seriously considering trying to get my grubby mits on a Fleet Advanced Escort for some more 'fighty' science power. Lt Comm Sci station is nice! Polaron build+chroniton mines+energy siphon 3 = Stand still whilst I punch you, bad guys. Quite squishy, but still.

EDIT: Trying to be more constructive, it really depends on what you want to do. Are you planning on some sort of gimmick? For instance, you could get like.. the Sci Oddy and go for a shield-bypass build with Plasma Weapons, DEM, Transphasics, Warp Plasma (boosted by particle generators and plasma consoles, if I recall correctly), Gravity Well....

I only taken into consideration cstores ships because I think its more worth the money that I can share that ship across my fed characters rather than the fleet only version.
And yeah, I considered the MVAE, but I want to get a ship that is more science oriented... So my 3 classes will have a different play style rather than all going dps-escort.

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