List of usful Ground Boffs
Somebody posted a good list of useful Ground-Team-Boffs, which I shamelessly copied and edited.
Please comment if more should be added or edited.

Tactical Away Mission Boffs:

(FED) Elisa Flores - awarded upon completion of “Training Cruise”
Why? Superior Teamwork, Superior Soldier, Superior Peak Health. She only has three out of four for ground Traits, but the ones she has are superb. Also, she's free.

(KDF) K'Gan - awarded upon completion of “Challenge for Command”
Why? 4 Ground Traits, which of 3 are Superior: Superior Sturdy, Superior Peak Health, Superior Honorable, plus Warrior.
Not to mention is free.

(ROM) Tovan Khev - awarded upon completion of “Virinat, Invaded”
Why? Free with 2 Superior Ground Traits (Soldier and Stubborn), plus Plasma Weapon Specialist.
Ok, not really commended, as Superior Stubborn is not that great, compared to other traits.
Only on this list for completion purpose, not nearly as good as the free Boffs FEDs and KDFs get.

(TOS) Tarsi - awarded upon completion of “Dislodging Klingons”
Why? Cute Eye-candy. Need more? 4 useful Ground Traits, which 2 are Superior: Superior Health, Superior Soldior, Fury, Acure Senses. And Free.

(ALL) Holo Admiral Leeta - was only available during special Promo
Why? Superior Hologram means she's very tough and can take quite a bit of punishment. Creative, Acute Senses, and Superior Lucky make her quite effective. Also, she comes with an Intel spec. Unfortunately not available anymore.

(ALL) Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer Candidate - unique reward for “Facility 4028” Mission
Why? Superior Stubborn is meh, but Engineered Soldier, Shroud, and Superior Peak Health make him quite effective. Also, Free.

(ALL)  VR Romulan Bridge Officer - obtainable from the Fleet Embassy
Why? Only three ground traits, but they're all good: Superior Soldier, Superior Plasma Weapon Specialist, Superior Resiliency (female) or Superior Covert (male)
Cons: Costly in dil and fledits. And basically limited to Plasma Weapons to make use of SPWS.

(ALL) Photonic Tactical Officer Candidate - Lobi Store
Why? Well, he's Superior Photonic, so fairly tough. Useful other traits like Creative, too 
He's got that drone thingy he summons. 
Cons: Costs Lobi, that's a resource far better spent on ships or ground gear

Science Away Mission Boffs:

(ALL) Nelen Exil - awarded after reaching Dyson Rep 5 plus finishing "Unsaid Thanks"
Why? Superior Creativity makes him very useful in Science. Suspended Animation means he'll get back up if defeated. Superior Covert is nice. I'm not sure the sedative dart thingy actually does all that much to help, but three out of four ain't bad. Also, free once you complete the Dyson rep.

(ALL) Starfleet Android (FED) / Klingon Android KDF) - 700 Day Veteran Reward
Why? Superior Creative makes them great at science! Superior Acute Senses is useful, Android makes them quite tough (and a good spot to use your Shotgun, if you own that, with their +10% physical damage boost), and reboot means they get back up after being defeated. 
Male and Female versions available, and fully customizable. 

(FED) Starfleet 0718 Model Android_Officer - found in Temporal Agent Starter Pack or Temporal Special Agent Pack
Why? Same comments as the Veteran Reward Android, above. 
The downside to 0718 is he's locked into Science and his cost.

(ALL)  VR Romulan Bridge Officer - obtainable from the Fleet Embassy

Why? Similar to the Tactical Version come with only three ground traits, but they're all superior: 
Superior Creativity, Superior Stasis Specialist, Superior Resiliency (male) or Superior Stubborn (female)
Cons: Costly. And the Traits dictate Weapon and Skill Choice to make use of them.

(ALL) Borg Science BOFF - unlocked by completing the assimilated accolade in the “Khitomer in Stasis” Special Task Force mission
Why? He's got four ground superior traits: Borg Nanites, Neural Blast, Resilient, and Natural Immunities. While maybe not as useful as the others on this list (no Superior Creativity!), he's nice and tough and brings that to the party. Also, free.

Engineering Away Mission Boffs:

(ALL)  VR Romulan Bridge Officer - obtainable from the Fleet Embassy
Why? Lie to the Tactical and Science Versions come with three superior ground traits:
Superior Plasma Weapon Specialist, Superior Creativity, Superior Stubborn (male) or Superior Resiliency (female)
Cons: Again costs,  and Weapon choice locked.

(ALL) Starfleet Android (FED) / Klingon Android KDF) - 700 Day Veteran Reward
The very same Android makes also a very good Engineer Boff, for the same reasons as the Science counterpart. Unfortunately you have to choose, because you can only have one

(FED) [/url][url=]Trill Engineering/Intelligence Officer - included in the Delta Rising: Operations Pack
If you have the delta pack, you can get this trill engineering boff. She's got some good ground traits: Superior Creative, Superior Hyper Metabolism, Soldier, and Peak Health.

(ALL) Photonic Engineering Officer - only available to accounts with a Delta recruit (storyline finished)
Why? 4 more or less useful traits: Superior Photonic Lifeform, Superior Sure Footed, Creative, Stubborn.
Free is also nice.

More special Boffs can be found HERE.
Last I heard, besides getting them as bonuses for special events, Holo leeta is also still available upon requset directly to cryptic's pao laughingtrendy if you have a selfie at any convention with a star trek exhibit or cast. This is also the case for the entire replica 23c enterprise tos holo boff set or Joe, the Voyager EMH. 

I just got a leeta through the Black Friday bonus events.

The liberated borg from khit ground is also now redeemable as an omega force project since the battlegroup zone is currently unavailable.
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I wouldnt give BOBW2 4 stars, it doesnt even compare to part 1 as far as I'm concerned. Nothing could, but its basically one big long plot contrivance to get them out of an impossible situation, and its all to easy.

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