Current development of K-13 Fleet Stations

I am deeply confused and would like to benefit from the wisdom that lies behind the current queueing of Fleet projects regarding the K-13 Fleet Stations.

Why am I confused? Well, queuing projects for Retrofit Engineering and Xenotech Research simultaneously pretty much defies every single lesson learned from the Embassies, Dilithium Mines, Spires and Research Labs.

If this go on, there will be an unavoidable delay, while we wait for one track to complete its upgrade to Tier 1 before then K-13 itself is going to be upgraded to Tier 1. Why are we not filling one track first, so that the second one can be filled while the upgrades are running?

If there is a logical reason for the current queueing procedure, then I am unable to see it.

Please enlighten me/us.

Thanks. Live Long and Prosper
There is no logic

Well at least for the KDF fleet, I can confirm that it was NOT Mal's fault, as he doesn't have a toon in there. As for the queues on the fed side, I can neither confirm nor deny who filled them when Holodeck opened up ;P
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(10-29-2016, 03:27 PM)Attilio Wrote: There is no logic
Well, in that case, excellent job on self sabotaging then.
(10-31-2016, 08:10 PM)TacPaddy Wrote: Well, in that case, excellent job on self sabotaging then.
Always nice to know you can take a joke, TP

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Lol sabotage sounds a bit extreme. It's not like they won't get completed if we don't queue them a certain way

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