How do I buy KDF Fleet Ships and modules?
My Capt is in the STOA Brotherhood. There are never any ship or modules in stock to buy. How do I buy?
Considering that the Brotherhood's Fleet Holdings are still under construction, I am not surprised of the lack of Fleet Ship provisions. I'd temporarily switch to the Legion to get full access to the Fleet Ships.

Fleet Ship Modules (assuming you meant those) are available on the C-Store or off the Exchange.
How do I switch to Legion?
(10-22-2016, 05:59 PM)Darkstar111 Wrote: How do I switch to Legion?

  1. leave Brotherhood
  2. ask for an invite to the Legion by asking for it on the STOA chat channel
  3. join Legion
  4. wait to get promoted by an Officer
  5. buy the Fleet ship in question
  6. leave Legion
  7. ask for an invite back to Brotherhood (either by asking for it again on the channel or here)
  8. join Brotherhood
  9. wait to be promoted back to your actual Fleet rank

Depending on your time zone the waiting time may vary as there may not be an Officer online, when you are.

Of course, this is all pointless, IF you are still on your probation period and/or haven't passed the Captains Test yet.
Thanks for the help! I've joined Legion and waiting for promotion to capt. My KDF is an alt, my main account has done the captains test and is long out of probation.

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