Wells class timeship - Vet reward or Temporal Lock Box
this looks cool! read on the latest q&a it's scheduled for release in mid September along with another KDF ship.
think it's a science or cruiser type ship?
Cool with this ship we will be able to travel to season 10 and see if the KDF have received any updates!!!
Wells design looks so not-star trek, no view of warp engines/nacelles, it has wings! its shaped like an inverse antiradar fighter, if its a time travel machine well that would explain that theres no need to have warp engines, but then it has to be transwarp capable (a'la tuffli/excelsior, but even the excelsior has nacelles, the tuffli it's not a fed design) or you will be stuck at earth or memory alpha or wherever it's built
I sure hope the rumor is true, that sure is a lovely ship!
Temporal lock box. Sad. Pwe now your just trying to steel people's money. Now u can ploit a ship from the future. I can see mirror universe ships. But no way ships from the 29th century. They would just the ship back to the future
anyone's going to spend a bomb on these ships? I find that cryptic is doing this on purpose... its going to take more than >$25 to get that ship if you're that unlucky. Maybe more to get the destroyer versions. By putting it in lockboxes, they get to earn that much more cash than the standard $25 zen store ships that is account wide.
Though I can't say that I'm not tempted... those ships looks amazing. But still find it ridiculous the way they introduced it to us, lockbox rather than zen store, and kinda spoils the whole temporal prime directive thingy.
Can't believe I'm going to get my geek on here -

The nacelles are required to be positioned as they are in order to create the warp field to a certain size, stability and so on - using that particular technology to produce faster than light travel.

That's not to say that faster than light travel in the future will rely on the same technology at all. Looking at the picture I think that the round things at the back have the function of producing the fields.

It would be like sending a modern train back in time and people saying that it doesn't even have a place for the smoke to come out of.

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