Particle Emission Plasma Torpedo
What are the best mods for the PEP torp?  I have one that has CrtDx2/CrtH and it seems like that the best set of mods you can get because it starts with CrtD/CrtH but I can't find much talking about mods for the PEP.
As with most crafted items you want [Pen] and if you can't get that then either DMG or CrtD depending on your build.

I don't think the PEP can get Pen, I believe it always starts with CrtD/CrtH.
(01-17-2017, 08:27 AM)next733 Wrote: I have one that has CrtDx2 / CrtH and I'm happy with everything! Can I get better?

From what I've found on the wiki and the exchange I believe those are the only mods the PEP gets.  It's been awhile since I looked but I think crtdx2/crth was what all of the ones I found on the exchange had.
[Pen] can only be on crafted weapons. 

The PEP starts with [CrtD] + [CrtH] on VR, and then should get one of the standard mods when upgrading to UR:
  • Acc: +10% Accuracy
  • CrtD: +20 Critical Severity
  • CrtH: +2% Critical Chance
  • Dmg: +X Damage

Preferably you want CrtD or Dmg. Tac Captains usually Dmg, but the difference is tiny on extreme high end builds.
CrtH is okay, and Acc is to be avoided.

The Epic Mod is as usual: 
  • Ac/Dm: Accuracy and Damage

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