Sharing fun players seen in STO - (Like Drizzt Do'Urden)
Seen today on the S.S. Baltic Trader. Sorry for leaving the chat window up. It's my first screenshot. Big Grin

Walking around ESD today and my Eye caught this. At first, I thought it would be a glitch (low graphic settings for speed), but then I saw the tie.
It's not a glitch, its an old chatbox command that lets you edit your uniforms to be able to use ALL options available on the same uniform. Maco/Omega/Uniform/Off Duty, you name it.

Unfortunately they disabled it for Season 7, but not for boffs. Those players who created uniforms with it before S7 got to keep the uniforms, but if they are edited they lose it Tongue

Edit: Your screenshot looks like your playing on a ps2 Smile
Here is a Ziodberg. I think I actually Lol'd at this one

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Jstagg Wrote:Edit: Your screenshot looks like your playing on a ps2 Smile
I use an ATI Radeon HD 5450 with 1 GB, BUT my PC only has 2 GB RAM. I always wanted to upgrade, but I never get to it. So I've set the settings to low, for the sake of speed. Tongue
Wow, that was great! In the end I think we all play the game to have fun. Nice to see that some polple get it.
[i]Open the Pod bay doors, HAL.[/i]
My Science Captain, Diana, found the Joker lurking outside the ESD bank this morning...

That is awesome.
This is not so much a fun player as a funny DOff. Never thought I'd see one with this name (second one in the list on the right).

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And if I went to make a char with that name, it'd be blocked!

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