Warp Core choice: Obelisk vs Iconian
I have an A2B Antiproton Beam boat and I am trying to decide if I should switch my Obelisk warp core for the Iconian warp core.

I currently have slotted an Epic "Ancient Obelisk Subspace Rift Warp Core [Trans][WArrowS]" along with the "Ancient Omni-Directional Antiproton Beam Array". This gives me the Ancient Obelisk 2 set power of "Focused Antiproton Emitters".

I also currently have the Iconian 3 set, so slotting the Epic "Iconian Resistance Hyper Injection Warp Core[AMP][WArrowS]" would give me the Iconian 4 set additional power of "Radiant Subatomic Pulse".

Here is a comparison of the resultant features for the two choices:

Choice 1) Epic Obelisk Warp Core
+5 Aux Power (very valuable since I am an A2B build)
+10 Max Aux Power (moderately valuable since I am an A2B build)
+7.5% Aux Power to Shield Power (not valuable since as A2B my Aux power is always low)
+20 Starship Hull Regeneration
Shield Capacitor (4 min recharge, so not too valuable)
2 set power:
+10% Antiproton Damage (valuable since I am an Antiproton beam boat)

Choice 2) Epic Iconian Warp Core
+5 Engine Power
+10 Max Engine Power
+7.5% Engine Power to Shield Power
+20 Starship Warp Core Efficiency
Boost of 100 Hull regen and 20 Shield regen per second (while at Full Impulse)
Engine Capacitor (4 min recharge, so not too valuable)
4 set power:
Affects Friend and Self
0 kilometer Team
2 min recharge
To Team:
+33% All Damage for 30 sec
+20% Maximum Hull for 30 sec
+10% Flight Speed for 30 sec

Based on these stats, here is my list of Pros and Cons of switching from Obelisk to Iconian:

1) 4 Set power of Iconian is better than 2 set power of Obelisk, especially if you have friends nearby
2) Iconian [AMP] mod is more valuable than Obelisk [Trans] mod
3) The +100 Hull and +20 Shield regen boosts while at Full Impulse of the Iconian are better than the flat +20 Hull regen of the Obelisk

1) I lose the +5 Aux power and +10 Max Aux Power which are valuable when you are an A2B

It seems therefore that the Epic Iconian warp core would be much better for me than the Epic Obelisk warp core, so I am thinking of switching.

Is my analysis above correct, or have I made a mistake?
What are your power levels?  AMP can be very important when it comes to boosting your damage.  If your power levels aren't high enough then it just comes down to which set bonus you want more.
The Iconian 4pc set bonus is pretty strong and it has the bonus to warp core efficiency which will boost all your power slightly as well. To me this is a no-brainer to choose the Ico core, but without more info about the ship and build I can't confirm it. If I recall someone ran the numbers and even with the 2pc Obelisk technologies set the Iconian 4pc was better overall for AP builds.

I don't know the numbers well enough to know which will increase your damage the most but with practice the 4 piece set bonus will be a big jump in team damage.
Once you have access to the Iconian core, the Rift should only be kept for its slipstream boosts to help with getting the most EC from Tour the Galaxy Daily.

[AMP] more than makes up for the differences in dps.
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