New Fleet Holdings

Looks like we'll have something new to put our resources into than just more modules.  Those that have an AoY captain will recognize a certain station that was lost to a wormhole...and we get to fix it up.
Oh joy

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Wish we could have gotten further on the Legion's beta fleets before we got something new to work on.  Hopefully the new engineering consoles are worth using.
Hmm I think it would have been cooler to have it when they started aoy. But I would love to see what it looks like as it being fixed up and stuff.
Interesting addition. Love to see where they take it.

It may be for an AOY part 2 of sorts answering all the moans of wanting a 23c specific zone for the expansion like New Romulus Command, but will they have a vendor for the 23c training manuals?

Doesn't make much sense though that the KDF would have access to the station, surely there weren't that many prisoners on board.

I'll be good with it as long as there are places I can easily convert my marks into credits (instead of waiting till the end of the week for new assignments to open at ungodly hours of the night. Bebe's got some purchases to make! Tongue
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New ways to get credits is always good.

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