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(10-30-2016, 09:34 PM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: Au Contraire Mon Capitan!

We are still interested in doing this and we have all been working on boosting our dps up to the necessary levels to defeat the bosses as easily as we could do in advanced mode. I was talking about it with mdj just the other day. I'm right at 50k dps already, which is good since from my last post in this thread i was at 30k. We already have the tactics to get us to the boss round, all we were missing till now is the firepower to shut that shit down like Lucille being thirsty.

This challenge will be completed soon. I guarantee it!

Well wish you guys best of luck. With all due respect, getting to the final stage is the easy bit on this mission, it's having the combined DPS to beat that timer which is the hard part. You will likely need a team of at 5 people, of whom should be around the 75K mark, let alone 50. There simply aren't that many people like that in the fleet, I can only think of three of the top of my head. Well hope you guys manage to get it done!
I'm still hovering around the 40K mark myself, and due to unforeseen circumstances I haven't been able to spend as much time in game getting the resources together to up-grade my gear as I had hoped.

I'm hoping that with a few of us around 40-50K and one (or two!) of the heavy 100K+ hitters we can get 'er done!

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Hoping my science toon will be good enough to help but it just hit 50 and needs a lot of rep gear.  Working on a control/exotic damage build with a focus on radiation damage.
Well, if you've already got the team and you're just leveling up the DPS, I look forward to hearing your good news at some point. If you need another team member, I should be up for it starting in a few days. I know I overlap times with Akimalyn and MGE pretty often. I've got a carrier with pretty decent DPS, though I haven't clocked it lately. And I'm willing to shift things around to be more tank-y as needed. 

In either case, good luck!
Indeed, Beardy, TP, and Hassel are the only ones I know of off the top of my head. The trick is to grav well the hell out of that undine dred first, since that is the only one that runs away and then kill them all FAST with raw firepower and EPG debuffs.

I'll continue working my "contact" to see what else can be done... it took only 4 months for me to get from new to 50K, gimmie another 6 and i can get up to 100k.

There will be songs sung of our names for this glorious victory... QAPLA!
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I'm afraid you'll have to count me out. Although I uber-happy to work again, my STO time is cut short significantly as a result. The time zone differences is challenging enough already, so this is going to be a deal breaker. Good luck in your endeavour to earn the Korok Badge. Live Long and Prosper

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