Fastest way to earn Dilithium
Following on from the thread on earning ECs, I thought I'd ask for tips on earning Dilithium.

I do the mining daily when I can, but is there any other way of earning it/finding it/beaming on to a ship while everyone is sleeping and stealing it?

When I see that even things like a funky coloured EV suit is 80k Dilithium, I figure there has to be a way of earning more, especially as there is an 8k cap (for silver players, anyway) on refining per day.

Also, is it better for purchases than ECs, or is it only good for converting in to Zen?
There are a few daily missions which give Dilithium and you can do STFs. The best thing to do is try to gather 8k a day (that cap is for everyone). So if you run 8 STFs a day, then you're fine. That could get boring after a while, which is why those daily missions are also good.

I'll check that one out - I found a chap on Starbase 39 looking for contraband, so now I just need to find some.

"Explore Strange New Worlds" is a daily giving 1400 dil - it can be a pain, but combine it with which ever area you can find a diplomatic mission for and you're suddenly getting a lot of xp and not a small amount of dil
Also if you're level 50 already you can do "Explore B'tran Cluster/ Chart B'tran" at the same time as "Explore New Worlds" and get 2880 dilithium just for doing three systems. The Breen missions also rope in about 2000 more and you can get those done at the same time.
My favorite way to pick up Dilithium is to do the "Investigate Officer Reports" Foundry mission and do three "Broken Console" missions to get the 1480 Dilithium in about sixty seconds flat. You can only run it once a day, but if you follow it up with the Lore mission at Starfleet Academy, you can pick up almost 2000 Dilithium in only a couple of minutes.

There are also missions at Kerrat that give 1480 Dilithium for about forty-five minutes of fighting the Borg. It's not as good as it used to be when you could run two sets of missions at the same time and get 2960 Dilithium, but there are usually some decent rewards that go with the missions in addition to the Dilithium.

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