The Price of Science Episode 3
If you're here then you must have played the first two episodes of The Price of Science. At this point our crew is trapped in the anomaly and we've made a new friend. It seems like the aliens don't want a peaceful solution. So what will happen?

Please keep in mind that this is now a 4 part series which means Episode 4 will be last one.

My thoughts are that in Episode 3 we will be getting out of the anomaly, so part of the mission will involve that. Another part will involve... well I don't know yet.

What's going on with Jav and his people? We know they are at war with these aliens, but why? Do they become friends of ours? Do we find out they did something wrong and now we become their enemies? Don't limit your imagination to these questions, let me know what you think.

Once our vessel is ready to escape the anomaly where do we go? Do we go to Jav's homeworld or back to Federation space? Based on how you answer this question you need to let me know what happens when we get there.

Please give me your honest feedback on the mission and any suggestions you have. Lets make these last two episodes great!

: Thank goodness you're here.
: His lifesigns are definitely not faint. As soon as he was beamed in he started attacking everyone.One of my nurses called security before she was knocked unconscience. I managed to activate a forcefiled around him as he was heading for the door.
: Let me out of here! You'll ruin everything!
: I'm not worried about you! I have a mission to complete!
: I cannot speak of it. My mission is classified.
: Now will you please let me out of here?
: Fine. I would probably do the same in your position. However I must get back to my ship. I am on an urgent mission.
: My people are at war with these... monsters. I have been sent here to...
: I have said too much already. Although I am sure you are here because they attacked you as well.
: Let us speak in private.
: Thank you. I promise I won't do anything to harm you or your crew.
: What was that?
: Those aliens are back. They came out of no where and destroyed that shuttle. The explosion shook our ship.
: No! They found me! My mission is a failure! Use the door in sickbay to return to the bridge.

This is where I am stuck? I seen two doors and both are doing nothing for me any hints any one?
Its the one behind you when you first enter sick bay. If I remember correctly its the only door that does not have guards standing next to it.

i can walk right up to the door and nothing happens. no door opening, no message pop up
Hmmm that's strange, it could be due to the work they are doing on the foundry. I'll need to take a look at it once the system is back up.

I've actually been thinking about ending the series by just creating one long mission; combining episodes 1 and 2 then adding an ending. So if I do that then I may not fix the bugs in episodes 1 and 2.

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