Commendation Suggestion
The War Games commendations are by definition retired because War Games is not something we have in the fleet any more.

In regards to the James T Kirk medal, Cryptic have repeatedly stated their plans to reinstate the No Win Scenario into the game, and that commendation lies in wait for its return, so it would not be conducive to repurpose it at this time.

In terms of the Admiralty Branches, this is something we can consider in the future, and will certainly take on board. However, the consensus is that we have more than enough commendations that are both easy to earn, and require team work and effort to earn to get promoted. The Admiralty Branches individually can take a good length of time to complete, and whereas is considered an accomplishment by many; it would not be right to add another commendation for 1: A gameplay mechanism that is focused on single play, and 2: can take considerable time to get all 3 branches done, especially for players that are brand new to the game and the fleet. In regards to that as well, already tenured players who have these maxed out would come into the fleet with up to 3 brand new commendations without even saying hello, and we already have plenty of opportunities for comendations to be earned.

Thank you though, for your suggestion, and if you have any more, please feel free to unload them here, or PM either myself or Attilio Smile

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