Commendation Suggestion
It's looking more and more likely that the NWS will not be added back to the game.  It was initially removed in January of 2015 because the ever-escalating Power Creep made NWS much easier to beat, making its original role of a quasi-insurmountable challenge outdated.  Originally, they planned to revisit the queue and add it back to the game, but it has been several months now with no word from Cryptic regarding bringing back a revamped version of the queue.  I agree though, it should be worth considering replacing/removing the Order of Tactics with another mission if the NWS it not returned to the game.

As for Admiralty, the only argument I can think of against it is that wealthier players tend to reach level 10 in all three Campaigns considerably quicker than other players, due to the fact they possess more ships.  I personally know people who have dozens of ship cards and breeze through all three Campaigns in a short amount of time.  Since a lot of F2P players have between 10-20 ships, it would take much longer for them to reach this goal.  Then again, one of my alts only has 20 ships and she completed all three schools in a couple of months...

Back to NWS: since the next three hardest queues (HGE, HSE, and BDE) already have their own commendations, I'm not sure what to replace it with.  Maybe P5E (Procyon V Elite)?

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