T6 Siege Destroyer Build help
I am working on my Siege Destroyer build and could use some advise on it. I feel like it could be doing alot more DPS than it's doing.

Here is the build for it


Hey JB, I used to fly a Guramba Siege Destroyer way back in the day and loved it.  Haven't tested out the T6 destroyer yet, but I hope you're having fun with it! Overall this build's pretty good.  Here's a few comments:

1.) You're using Coalition Disruptors, the Resonant Disruptor, an Elachi Disruptor, and an Omni Disruptor all with different mods.  [Acc] and [CrtH] don't do as much for you as [CrtD] and [Dmg] do.  Since you're an engineer, you'll benefit more from [CrtD] mods than [Dmg] or [CrtH] mods, so getting crafted disruptors with [CrtD]x3 [Pen] would be your best option.  You could also get Coalition Disruptors with combinations of [CrtD] and [Dmg], but they're pretty expensive right now.  Also, since you're using Disruptors, you should get your hands on the Terran Task Force Disruptor.  It's pretty much the best Disruptor beam in the game at the moment so you should slot this in your foremost weapon slot.  
2.)  You don't have any Exotic Damage abilities, so you'd be better off putting a second Nullifier with [DrainX] in your second science slot.  The EPG boosting console would only be helpful if you're using FBP/Grav Well/TBR etc. 
3.) As far as the "free" sets go the Kobali isn't bad at all, but the Iconian set is far superior.  I'd recommend waiting until you get T5 in all your Temporal Agent's Reputation so you can get all four pieces of the Iconian set at Mk XIII UR. 
4.) I'd change your Lt.Cdr Engineering abilities to: Engineering Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Emergency Power to Weapons III.  Aux2Bat ultimately does more harm than good, so at the very least you should replace that ability.  

Also, what are you using for your space skills or skill tree?  


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