Boffs (and hello!)
Hello all. Newbie here. Only been playing STO about a week, so still learning the ropes and getting leveled up.

One quick question - I'm coming up to level 30 now at I still only have enough Boffs on my roster for the Boff stations. I'm a silver (cheapo) user. Will I only ever have enough officer slots to match the Boff stations, or will I eventually get more so I can swap out Boffs without having to dismiss them entirely?

Is it a level reward or a C-Store thing?
I think you'll have exactly 9 BOffs. So 5 BOffs for space and 4 for ground (if you want to do it that way). I'm not 100% sure on this though. You can buy more BOff slots through the store if you want.

That's great - I was just worried that I'd always have to swap them out by dismissing them.
I just checked my Silver Account Vice Admiral and I only have six BOFF slots available without buying more. Since you don't get free VA ships as a Silver Member, the most BOFFs you're likely to need in space is four. That still gives you a couple of spares to switch off if you need to. Also, since you can use the same BOFFs on space and ground, you only need four BOFFs to fill out both your ship and your away team. Even the VA ships you buy at the Zen store only use five BOFFs, so six BOFFs still gives you one to spare. If you want to buy a couple of BOFF slots, you would have three to spare, one for each career type.
I know have 1 more Boff space, so I have one officer in the bridge crew that isn't in the away team. When I'm closer to 50 I'll worry about sorting out their skills to suit the end game

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