advice to get intel dread over 9k dps
(08-12-2016, 03:02 PM)aaaict Wrote: Yep the fleet advanced APs are the ones to go for. The elite beam weapons from the fleet store only come as phaser damage, while the advanced weapons come in all energy types. (i think that's what you originally meant but got confused between elite and advanced fleet weapons.) Wink

ahh, sure...I'm generally posting from work and don't have the game in front of me.  In my head, I was thinking of my own Fleet APs. Smile

@Max Seriously?  I know the DBBs get about 30% more DPS than the BAs, but 2K DPS on one?  I can't imagine what else I could do to push my DPS on a BA high enough to get to nearly 1500 DPS to make that math work.  Even with UR MkXIV beams and gold MkIV AP dmg tac modules I only get closer to 700DPS on each of them.

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