advice to get intel dread over 9k dps
On the whole good job, keep going with those VLs and getting those weapons to MK XIV. 

Couple of things that I'm going to have to disagree with I'm afraid:

1) While yes your critical hit chance is going to effect your DPS, this is more easily obtained through consoles such as the assimilated module, zero point energy conduit, etc. rather than the crth weapons modifier, so for a more long term view, I would recommend you to stick with crtd for the moment as those consoles are relatively easy to obtain (until you can get the fleet dmgx3 crtd or dmgx3 pen weapons) You want a value of around 23-26% for critical hit chance on your ship in sector space. 

Also, don't get the elite weapons from the fleet store unless you're a phaser fan, the antiproton weapons are only available as advanced. (do get the advanced dmgx3 crtd) \

Lastly dump the proton weapons. It has absolutely zero use to you as it does proton damage. I'd also look into replacing the torp eventually as well. 

2) if money isn't a problem, get yourself a plasmonic leech off the exchange for an essential boost to power levels. While you're at it you could also get kemocite laced weaponry I, an ensign tac boff power which will add about 5K to your DPS and is a nice filler. (please fill out the boff section in the skill planner) 

3) Consoles- Replace the epic consoles with a) Assimilated module from omega rep b) plasmonic leech c) Zero point energy conduit from romulan rep and replace the trellium K with a neutronium armor from the fleet dil mines. Replace the science consoles with the fleet weapons signature plasma explosion consoles with {drainX} from the fleet embassy for added damage. 

Hope this helps!


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