My current build
Until I can get the Iconian set. Please feel free to critique. This is my first try at doing anything epic'd.
Firstly if you want some higher damage I recommend going with Dual beams in the front and make those Heralds. With a High Yield you should get  15-27K crit's if not higher.

Also yes Ico Set is great, yet if going for a tanking build I recommend not using Antiproton at all. Instead use disruptors, they'll give you a nice boost to a broadside build. Especially if you use Attack Pattern Beta II.
Don't do dual beams, the dread doesn't have the turn rate for it. I tried it out and it did not perform better than regular beams with broadsides. You would get more damage by moving your leech into the engineering position and dropping your broadside console for another plasma embassy science console.


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