Defense of the Flagship (DotF) (PVP)
Hello humans, andorians, klingons, romulans, vulcans, andorians, tellarites, arcadians, ariolo, caitians, bzzit khakt, grazerites, khasheeta, betazoids, orions, gorns (no puns please), risian, lethean, rigelians, trills, talaxians, bolians, remans and liberated borg fleet memebers.

I come to present an idea for PvP matches among us.

Ultimate objective: Have fun and make a nice, safe and dynamic test area for super tank and high dps builds.

Description: the Defense of the Carrier match have a simple objective for each team to complete, which is destroy the enemy team's flagship. The flagship can be any big ship with high hull/shields (crusiers, carriers, dreadnoughts, and some science ships, still working on the list) and the rest of the team have to fly escorts or birds of prey (this ones are pretty clear, still i'll make a list).

The flagship CAN NOT use any weapons or offensive abilities (only offensive abilities flagships can use are abilities that do not deal direct damage to target if used, example Tactical Team. The attack patterns and some tactical debuffs are still in consideration). The flagship ideally would be a carrier so it uses fighters and squadrons to deal damage though is more of a symbolic way of dps than a reliable. This gives the flagship the only goal of protecting himself and his escorts through healing and buffs.
Flagships only have ONE LIFE. If you fly a flagship and get killed, you are done, no more, game over, c'est fini.

STRIKE WING (escorts and birds of prey)
Just like you would imagine, the strike wing goal in life is to bring down the enemy flagship (and halt the enemy wing from doing the same). Literally for this guys, victory is life. Unlimited lives, unlimited shoots, fire at will, shoot to thrill. BUT, BUT!!!!!!!... You CANT HEAL. Nop, just no. Your life is dps and by dps you shall die (abilities like TT are still on discussion if they count or not). Any heal they receive must come from the flagship while they communicate (hopefully) to assign concentrate fire on the other wing or the flagship.

As you may see, there are many big and small details to refine about the idea but that is why I post this thread, to built a new activity among the fleet where we can share laughs, intense battles and a good time.
Any suggestions and opinions are welcome here.

Sekrain signing off.
Overall I really like the idea, I think it's very creative. Although I would say certain aspects of it are hard to enforce, such as not healing the strike wing. It seems a little tough for one flagship to heal an entire team, considering that the abilities have cooldowns.

I'm interesting to hear what other ideas fleet members may have. The simpler the better. We don't want to spend more time enforcing rules and less time having fun.

(08-03-2016, 03:11 AM)Attilio Wrote: The simpler the better. We don't want to spend more time enforcing rules and less time having fun.

Great idea, and I think the idea is pretty solid actually, although I'd have to agree with Attilio in that the less rules there are to enforce the better.  Although, with the large amount of Vaper builds and +EPG/Torp Science builds out there I'd imagine the Flagships wouldn't last long if forced to defend themselves, even if they were solely focused on healing/damage resistance.  
From experience, I'd have to say that the most fun I've ever had in my [limited] experiences with PvP is when the least amount of rules were involved.  For the most part, the more freedom you're given in your strategy/builds the more fun you'll have...and the more you'll learn.  
I think there's enough people interested in PvP to make this, or something like this happen.  Maybe doing an all escort/BoP run would be feasible (or maybe an all-carriers run, or something).  I'm certainly interested, at any rate.  Smile
The tac ships are going to charge right in and lay down the full DPS they can on the carrier, ignoring the other side's tac ships in a play to see which side's DPS can out DPS the other's as quickly as possible...then it's seconds because no carrier is going to tank 5 player controlled tac ships for more than a few seconds.

You could maybe pull it off if the attackers and defenders all had to be T1 or T2 ships maybe...I think T3 is getting into the realm where a good captain could still burn a Carrier down pretty quickly if they build it right.  The carrier would have to be stopped from using fighters though as a squadron of lvl61 fighters would tear apart any T1 or T2 ship.
I've  got to say that this is indeed an interesting and creative idea. As I'm on holiday without access to a laptop I'll give a summary of my initial thoughts. 

Good idea- good starting point but there are
Some serious practicality issues which need to be addressed 

 enforceability- not only will this be impossibe to enforce but the rules make it more likely that either people will get into arguments/ disputes/ not enjoying themselves, the reason that under the status quo we don't do large pvp events as a  a fleet anymore ( it has been advocated to be reintroduced miltiple times since) when they are being asked to change the build/powers/play style. 

Timeones/ interest- I don't think that anywhere near the majority of people in the fleet are actually interested in pvp sadly so you will need to find out who is interested and get a rough idea of the timezone as we're from all over the globe   ( a really good thing about the fleet btw) I assume you've been asking around as you reference "discussions" so this shouldn't be too hard 

Tanking/dps builds- just want to quickly say that dps builds are not overly useful in PVP, it requires different weapons, strategies, etc and a good pvp  player will beat a higher dps pve player quite
easily in pvp and so this cannot be considered a " test arena" for dps builds built for pve. Better would be to frame your idea as "just for the fun of it" with a niche and interesting new idea for people tired of
Doing ISA all the time ( like me!) 

Good luck! 

Thanks the ones that had take their time to share their opinion here.
There is much to refine about the idea and I don't have as much experience as others here so everything is important for me.

1.- Less restrictions: Yeah, after I posted the idea I though about it. There is no possible and non stressful way to keep everyone following the rules.
2.- DPS: I know the game has become more of dps race than anything so there should be other way to compesate that.
3.- More variations: Sure, I though about some (a single carrier vs tons of shuttles as an example) BUT they have the same issues.

I will update later the day my first commet with the suggestions and hopefully I get them right
I do love the idea, but I cannot see it being feasible even with rules implemented, without rhe flagship being AI controlled

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Here's what I suggest. Try to get a few people together to test it out. No rules, other than the goal being to destroy the flagship. See how it plays out and then build from there. You can even report back here with your findings and we can work together to build on it.

(08-09-2016, 05:59 PM)Jstagg Wrote: without rhe flagship being AI controlled

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Could this work as a special STOA foundry mission, similar to an STF? 

1) Solved rules, flagship control issues
2) more accurate for DPS parses
3) all types of builds allowed
(08-10-2016, 02:20 PM)aaaict Wrote: Could this work as a special STOA foundry mission, similar to an STF? 

1) Solved rules, flagship control issues
2) more accurate for DPS parses
3) all types of builds allowed
I'm just wondering then, if difficulty can be slided for AI controlled ships?

Could be an interesting concept if designed in the foundry

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