Defense of the Flagship (DotF) (PVP)
(08-10-2016, 05:34 PM)Jstagg Wrote: I'm just wondering then, if difficulty can be slided for AI controlled ships?

Could be an interesting concept if designed in the foundry

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Well I'm not a foundry guy, but if your able to spawn a Tier 5 NPC dreadnought ship with a massive amount of hull then that might work very nicely.
You can't set hull in Foundry. I don't think you can only have one dread. Enemies come in groups and scale in difficulty based on the # of human players. So you'd end up with a few dreads. You also can't set difficulty, it would need to be done by the team leader in their settings.

Toughest NPC Group is a Battleship Group. Like Attilio said it scales, depending on players in the Team.

1 Player: 1 Battleship
2 Player: 2 Battleships
3 Player: 3 Battleships
4 Player: 1 Dreadnought, 1 Battleship
5 Player: 1 Dreadnought, 1 Battleship
I think this is an interesting idea, and with some teaks could make for interesting PvP matches. I would suggest keeping the team mix to one flagship supported by escort/BoP/raiders, but allow the ships to use any manuevers their players prefer. The concern raised above about the effects of the flagship having only one life causing both strike teams to simply pile on the other teams flagship seems valid. Perhaps unlimited lives with a scoring system, say strike team kills being worth one point, and flagship kills being worth five. That should keep the focus on killing the heavy without it turning the match into a dps race against each others flag.
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Alright, sorry for not being around for a while ^^

So the plan for DotF 0.1 will be the next one:

1.- Each team has a flagship (each team decides which ship to use for the moment, to experiment more) and calls it for everyone.
2.- There will be a score and to get points you have to kill the flagship.
3.- Everytime the flagship is destroy the teams have to regroup (both teams)
4.- Teams can have the composition that they wish for (again, to test more the idea)

Not sure how many players could be so the teams are balanced and stuff like that so we will experiment also with that.

Any other suggestions?
Also, we should get a date for this to happen.

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