Iconian Rep Grind...
As I've been researching DPS builds lately, one thing has risen to the top; the preferred Space set for DPS ships is most often the Iconian Rep space set Deflector/Impulse/Shield.  

The problem I've run into is that the Iconian PUGs are nearly dead (space) and very dead (ground) and would take a long while to grind..

Are there any other captains out there in the Fleet interested in joining me on an Iconian Rep grind fest of ground and space missions to get the Rep needed to get these items?

This would also be a chance for captains to level up to rep 5 in Iconian faction if they don't have it already.

If there is a lot of interest, we can create a private fleet, but if not, we can at least start filling up the public queue a bit more.  

Are you located in North America?  If so, I normally see GGA, BHA/BHE, and BOTSE pugs fill up pretty quickly, even on weeknights.  Best times are between 5:00pm and 12:00am (UTC-4).  Additionally, I suggest you call out in STOA chat as there's always at least a few of us willing to do PvE queues.  As a matter of fact, we ran GGA last night (Around 10:00pm UTC-4).  Keep in mind that on weeknights (especially Mondays) there aren't as many people online as there normally are on weekends.  If I happen to see you online I'll be sure to join.
Sure, I'm CST.  I guess my unscientific poll last night looking at the queues wasn't entirely accurate then! :Smile

I'll check in STAO chat tonight after I digest the info you gave me in my build thread.  Thanks!  KJ
Fleet chat sadly isn't the most active chat depending on the timezone or time of year. Would suggest the Dps channels/ dps public/ redditchat might be an easier place to get a run going If you are
Just grinding
From the short time I've been with the fleet, I've noticed that the most active times reflect when most people either are waking up or coming home from work- 6-9am for the european/atlantic wave, and 4pm-12am for the stateside/pacific waves.
I'm also US Eastern timezone, but there's a few of us that are on whenever... 

I've also noticed that there are less pugs because teams are being created with private fleet actions more often now, to make sure there's more of an organized attack pattern instead of the free-for-all clusters that PUG groups have a history of turning into. just looking at the in progress tab shows this.

Also if you are qualified for the DPS10K channel, there's a bunch of people on there that will jump in too, as I found out last night at 3am. (check your channels settings to see if you got an invite)
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I'm pretty much always up for GGA, less enthusiastic about ground missions though. If I'm on and you need someone to queue with don't hesitate to ask.
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