What happened?
My 4 characters were ALL on Extended LOA and somehow, "Allan Seaforth" was removed from the main fleet, but the rest (D'Rok [Legion], Thirteen [Militia] have remained in their Fleet...) any reason?

Sorry about that. There was a glitch in the script to remove inactives. We can reinvite. If one of the other Admirals doesn't get to it today I can do it tonight.

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Ok ... That'll work.
Allan [email protected] is the UN.

I was added yesterday tot he MILITIA, which is fine with me.  Big Grin

Thanks for that!!! I'm back (about 2-3 hours a week) playin' at the Internet Cafés.

I've missed STOA.  Spent 4 HOURS buying a Temporal Dreadnaught (T6), and some weapons/Engines.

Spent a ton (over 100ik) Dilithium and other stuff.  (I only had 13k Zen saved up.)

Hope to get it fully functional soon and remember how to play the damn game. LoL


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