can akima reach 100k
a few items were changed in the last two days... build is updated. BTW, all the other pages are filled out too, including the skill tree so i can know what I'll need to change there too besides the obvious. I've only run 1 ISA since, and it gave a solid 15.8K. the graph shows less diminishing returns too, but I'm still tweaking the keybind coding.

BEGIN LOG. 08/09/2016
Kemocite-Laced Weaponry 1 has been obtained for a bargain, replacing Torpedo Spread 1 in the lineup.

Tests using an Omnidirectional beam in place of the turret have begun, with some improvement being shown since the cannon buffs will now always be on the cannons, The visual reference to targets that are out of the line of fire helps too.

Both MK X DHCs are now up to MK XII spec, with reaching MK XIV status on track by the end of the month.

A replacement nullifier has also been installed- both are now [DrainX] with the [CtrlX] console going to a pending sci-build.

Replacing the infrastructure to Iconian spec should happen in another 3 months, once daily provisioning unlocks those items.

END LOG. FILED: 08/09/2016
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
All Phasers are now uprated to MK XIV spec.

The Spatial Sinkhole Generator was replaced with a Temporally Shielded Data Core for extra buffs to Kinetic resistance, EPG, and Ctrl X.

The [CtrlX] nullifier has replaced the Timeline Stabilizer for added plasma generation, but it wont be uprated any more.

All four Vulnerability Locators have now been uprated to MK XIV spec.

Any further Upgrades will consist of Quality improvements toward Epic.

Parsing tests fo follow...

I should have sponsorship to fast track the Iconian set from another toon in as soon as 18 days, as currently i'm still in the 30k marks area.
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
(08-08-2016, 06:15 PM)Rev Wrote: The only Plasma-Generating Nullifiers/Amplifiers you should be using if you're DPS-chasing are [DrainX] and [EPG] - both have their merits.  I'm not sure which Science abilities you're using, but it may not be worth making the switch to EPG if you are not using any Exotic abilities (Tractor Beam Repulsers, Gravity Well, FBP, etc.).  

Also, I tend to agree with the above information.  Getting the Four-piece Iconian set should be a priority for you.  However, I'd wait until you achieve T5 in all Reputation on your Temporal Agent, as you'll be able to get the set pieces at MK XIII UR right out of the gate.  Reputation items tend to be a pain in the ass to upgrade, so it's worth the wait.
Doing that! and Done!

Here is the current status of my Pilot Sciscort:

LOG: 08/26/2016
Installed the Quantum Phase Equipment and Weapons double set from the Sunrise and Stormbound Mission Episodes in Futureproof, replacing the following:
the VR Withering Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [Dmg]x2,
1 VR Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XIV [CrtD] [CrtH] [Dmg], 
and the Breen 3pc mission set.

 These changes gave solid increases in Damage output up to an average of 22K.

Log: 09/15/2016
All reputations campaigns have been completed, allowing for the installation of the full Iconian 4 piece Ultra Rare MK XIII Equipment Set and replacement of the KCB and Assimilated Module with their UR versions thanks to the benefits of being a Temporal Agent.

Parsing now at an average of 24K

Log: 09/19/2016
New Duty Officers have been recruited from the Junior Officer event. All officers are Very Rare Quality. Their new skills have resulted in boosting DPS up to an average of 26-28K.

Ariel Tabitha Holmes
Energy Weapons Officer
Very Rare - Space
50% Chance to reduce the time to recharge when using cannon special attacks by 10 sec, and stacking +2% Damage vs Elachi up to 20%

Projectile Weapons Officer
Very Rare - Space
20% Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes by 5 sec.

Mirella Shameka Morphy
Maintenance Engineer
Very Rare - Space
Recharge time reduced for Engineering Team by 8 sec, and +10 Buff to hull healing rate for 15 sec

Katelin Ricki Ennaco
Damage Control Engineer
Very Rare - Space
35% Chance to reduce the recharge time for Emergency Power to subsystem abilities by 30%

Reid Hubert Traill
Gravimetric Scientist
Very Rare - Space
25% Chance to create an aftershock Gravity Well after 12 sec, 
PLUS 20% Chance to create additional spatial anomaly after 14 sec if previous is triggered, 
PLUS 15% Chance to create additional spatial anomaly after 16 sec if previous is triggered, 
PLUS 10% Chance to create additional spatial anomaly after 18 sec if previous is triggered.

With a 6th slot from the Fleet Spire for a rotation of Space Warfare Specialists for +10% damage vs. its specific enemy... currently only have Hirakene for (vs Undine) for the Korok Medal Challenge and Dylrene being scheduled in a few days.

Work has also begun on making the Krenim Science Vessel into an EPG Beamer...

What I really need to do now is get Strategist up and running before completing Temporal Operative, to replace my Pilot Specialization. I only have 1 point in there but I need to fill that up ASAP. What are the best missions to do this?
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
If you need to grind out spec points hang out near New Romulus doing Borg and Tholian red alert events in between doing sector patrols in Japori, Carraya, and I think Narendra, Archer, and Beta Thoridor systems, while maxing the hell out of the Fed Admiralty missions. Fed Admiralty alone can easily generate a spec point per day just by doing a full set and waiting until tomorrow to start them again, and the Tour of Duty grants bonus spec points also.

Ok Akima:

Know that you've reached a very solid foundation DPS build, here is what will really take you to 30K and beyond:

1) Weapons- This is one of two big things holding back your DPS at this point, because of the sub-optimal weapons and modifiers on those weapons. Really at this stage you should be looking into acquiring [PEN] Weapons. The ones to shoot for are [DMG]x3 [PEN] and [Crtd]x3 [Pen] DHCs. 

Don't get any more weapons with the Crith modifier as you are boosting that through your consoles rather than your weapons which should maximize critical severity. If you can't afford these weapons (they are really expensive) or can't be asked to craft them ( then try to buy [crtd] [dmgx2] [pen] weapons at UR at say Mk VIII and upgrade them to Mk XIV. 

To be honest the benefits of accuracy from the quantum phase set aren't really worth having the sub-optimal weapons on there. 

2) SRO- as mentioned in your other post, try to get these to boost your critical hit chance and severity

3) SKILLS- Ok, You should have maxed out your weapons specialisation and amplication if you want to maximize DPS. These max out your critical hit values. Absolutely essential. Also, i'd max tactical readiness, the boost to tac c/d is equivalent to having a Zemok, so i'd do a respec with these in mind.
New updates Smile

Log: 10/02/2016
the DHC's have been upgraded to Advanced Fleet spec
Several Space Warfare Officers have joined the Active Roster, including Dlyrene.
The Strategist specialization tree has now been completed.
Log: 10/08/2016
Replaced harasser mines with unconventional tactics
Replaced techie trait with point blank shots
Replaced Tactical Team 1 and Torpedo Spread 3 with Spread 1 and Attack Pattern Omega 1
Replaced Destabilizing Resonance Beam 2 with Transfer Shield Strength 2
All items are now upgraded to MK XIV status
Both Pilot and Strategist Specialization Trees have been completed and are in full use.
Doffs have been rearranged to match a "Drake Build" utilizing two Damage Control Officers and two EWOs for Chance of EP2W (35%x2) and Cannon special powers (50%x2) being reduced to global cooldown rates. (this also works for using two projectiles officers (20%x2) when not using a SWO or the Grav Well Doff as desired.)

Initial tests resulted in an new parse rating of 34-38K, with max one-hits reported at 97K.

Grinding the Tau Dewa Sector row and some Admiralty for the Double XP Weekend really helped a lot.
Next changes will be adding the fleet Romulans and Krenim Boffs, adding the additional Traits slots (which should be first?), replacing the remainder of the Quantum Phase set if quality improvement upgrades do not work, and finally doing a proper respec after reestablishing the ability to test those changes out on Tribble (currently locked out from the persistent "crash at engage bug" that Tech Support WON'T cover... already asked them -.-)

1/3rd of the way to 100K  Big Grin

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"It's been a long road, getting from there to here..."


Log: 10/18/2016
With the return of the Infinity lockbox, the remaining Space Warfare Officer set has been completed and ZEMOK has been acquired for a substantial discount. This acquisition solidifies the roster of active space doffs.
A Superior Romulan Operative has also been recruited with room for more at a later date.

Still finding significant resistance in ISA at the secondary Transformer. Testing different configurations in pursuit of breaking 40K continues, yet I have my suspicions that this may be the limit of this build without a skills respec.
Log: 10/30/2016
A full respec has been enacted, with a 8/27/11 Sci Ultimate tree that includes advanced tactical readiness to substitute in place of a secondary Zemok. Doing so allowed me to finally break into 40k territory, with a new parse of 43.31k.
The UR DHC Phaser Mk XIV [CrtD] [CrtH]x2 [Dmg] returns to replace the quad cannon, as it wasn't procing as much as the DHCs during special attacks. when it did proc, it was actually putting out less than the DHCs.
Tray configurations have also been upgraded with new traits and powers:
Lt Universal/Eng: EPW1, RSP1
Cdr Tac/Pilot: TT1, APB1, TS3, CSV3
Lt Tac: KLW1, CRF1
Lt Eng: ET1, EPW2
LtCdr Sci: HE1, TSS2, GW1
Lt Universal/Tac: TT1, CSV1
Cdr Tac/Pilot: KLW1, RS1, CSV2, APO3
Lt Tac: TS1, APB1
Lt Eng: EPW1, EPW2
LtCdr Sci: HE1, TSS2, SSV2

Ablative shell, particle manipulator, failsafe scrambler, anchored, and biotech patch have replaced the previous Space Trait slots of astrophysicist, conservation of energy, warp theorist, operative, and nanite repair matrix
Unlocked 5th slot and replaced Sub-warp sheath with standoff to supplement anchored.
Log: 1/1/2017
There have been many advancements since my last update. Through the annual Holiday Upgrade weekend, Black Friday Super Sales, and the premiere of the Phoenix Prize Pack, The Growler has finally broke through into firm 50K territory. 50.01K was obtained on 11/01/2016, marking a time of just 3 months of dedication to achieve the halfway goal of 100k. a new record of 52.81k was reached to close out 2016 on the eve of the New Year. Setting a key to toggle hiding the UI helped greatly by eliminating that source of lag.

All consoles have now been upgraded to Mk XIV Epic
A Red Matter Capacitor has replaced the need to craft any more batteries
The Iconian Warp Core and the Quantum Phase Weapons set have all been upgraded to Epic as well using ultimate Keyring Pack Upgrades.
Replaced one of the [DrainX] nullifiers with an [EPG] version
The two Cannon Weapons Officers for reduced recharge time have also been replaced for now with Sensors Officer Andwa Nort for debuff of target's offensive damage whenever Sensor Scan is used, and Conn Officer Veol from Risa for a small power levels boost after using Evasive Maneuvers.

Failsafe and Biotech patch have been replaced with Coalition Starship Tactics for team boosts, and Warp Theorist for added EPS benefit. They join Ablative Shell, Self-Modulating Fire, Particle Manipulator, Fleet Coordinator, Point-Blank Shot, Anchored, and Cannon Training.

These changes have now earned me a new record of 52.81K DPS in ISA. Next phase will involve replacing the regular [CrtH]x2 cannon with another Advanced Fleet [CrtD][Dmg]x3, switching to Temporal Speciality once it's fully unlocked from patrols grinding, acquiring the META traits from lobi ships, Upgrading the default traits to Superior versions from K-13, and finalizing the conversion to all epic gear.

Ground Gear is also added to the planner for review. currently at around 215 dps.
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