can akima reach 100k
Surpassed 50K on 11/01/2016 Smile


I've been having problems with trying to do what i can with upgrades to continually get better DPS counts.
not only does some of the jargon get me confused like the firing differences between DHC and DBB and what is by the numbers overall a better investment and blah blah blah you've prolly heard all this from other yearlings like me many times before Tongue

so i'll just get to it... I'll be using this thread for all of my builds...
firstly, I'm using the Vorgon Xyfus currently, with tetryons and chronitons as the preferred energy and kinetic types, due to the extra boosts I get for those types that's built into the harasser probes.
my build details are here:

preferred method of attack is Vaadwaur style - expose-hit hard and fast then sit and trail in close combat dogfighting, blasting through the shields/hull at >4km

high shield and hull strength and hardness, does not die much, average mission NPC combat lasts 3-6 minutes

BUT the DPS is not adding up. only reading 3-6k with all cannons (a 1hc mk13VR, +2 dhc mk14VR)
i was getting 6k before i switched out an uncommon dbb mk12 with the mk13vr HC and a standard beam for an omni mk12vr. now the logs are only showing an average of 3k... even though it's not taking any longer to kill off the enemies as I level up...WTF? I know, PATHETIC  Picard Facepalm

so first thing I need to figure out is if im just getting bad data for and the CLR that was developed and written by [email protected]

Then i need input on what i can do using reputation or mission drop gear on a restrictive budget (ie, still under the 10 mil f2p ec cap<and no $ to buy it)
I also need to get the keybind that will automate activating my tray rows to a single key so i can focus on being the pilot.

I could just port over the Herald AP Icarus Pilot build I had from nadine, my original toon that was bringing in around 8k using a similar all cannon setup, but again, I don't get why it would be less dps after doing upgrades. I want to fix the Xyfus up as it falls into my ultimate goal of having a PUG-Owning ship for each power type. I don't like feeling like i'm the runt of a group.
so, yea, help please!
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
Hi Akima

Ok I'm going to give a basic run-through of how DPS works, how its measured, and what constitutes a basic DPS build. At this stage, you have a thoroughly decent starter endgame build, but now is the time in which you need to do some research and investigation on the forums, reddit shipbuilds and etc. so that you can optimize you build the way you want it. 

1) First of all DPS is measured using a parse, which is a measurement taken by a parser, I would personally recommend using STO Combat Meter (SCM), which is used by the DPS Channels for channel invites. CLR is a older parser that's used by another DPS league, but it still works reasonably well. The Combat log reader on the STO website, to be perfectly honest, isn't accurate enough to be of practical use and can't handle large files, but is decent enough for a rough indicator. Next, DPS is generally calculated by making a combatlogfile during a run of ISA- Infected Space Advanced. 

2) The way DPS works in STO is by how often you land critical hits, and how much damage those critical hits are. How often is referred to as Critical Hit Chance, and in weapon modifiers as [crth]. Meanwhile how hard critical hits are is referred to as Critical Severity, and in weapon modifiers as [crtd]. You need high values of both values in order to have a high DPS. Generally Critical hit chance is maximized through consoles, while [Crtd] is maximised through weapons. As such, Antiproton is the most used weapons type for DPS builds, as it gives bonus critical severity. 

There are a couple of other things as well. Once you get into 10K, you would then look into getting weapons with the [PEN] modifier. Only available through crafting, the [pen] modifier bypassed a portion of your target's damage resistance and so is very sought after. The current best weapons in the game are epic [crtd]x3 [pen] weapons. The [DMG] modifier is also very good with a [pen] modifier as it got a boost not too long ago, and is good for tactical captains. Power levels are also essential to DPS, with a higher weapons power level meaning more damage, and so you should try to keep it as often on 125/100 as possible. 

At this stage, I would recommend you to either:

a) Look for weapons that have as many [crtd] modifiers as possible in your chosen damage type (AP is optimal but the most important thing is your personal preference)

b) Look into getting the Fleet AP [crtd] [dmg]x3 weapons which are a good stopgap. Whether or not these will be able to get you into 10K i am not sure, but it may be worthwhile to give them a try.

3) Now that we've dealt with [crtd] weapons, the way the you boost your critical hit chance is through consoles and bridge officers. The following consoles/ boffs will boost critical hit chance and are a componant of many DPS builds:

a) Fleet Vulnerability Locators from the fleet spire- add damage to your chosen weapon type, and give critical hit %-

b) Rare Romulan Bridge officers from the fleet embassy with the trait: Superior Romulan Operative- add critical hit chance and critical hit severity- essential

c) Assimilated Module from the Omega Reputation- adds critical hit chance and severity

d) Zero-point energy conduit from the Romulan Reputation- adds critical hit chance

In the future you could look into getting the Plasmonic Leech, which keeps your power levels very high. 

Hope this helps, and good luck,

In addition to everything @aaaict posted (which is very good info, by the way) I'd like to recommend a few more things:

1.) Since you are running DHC's/DC's, I would drop the Omni-Directional Beam Array and possibly either the Vaadwaur Torpedo or Chroniton Mine launcher and replace them with Turrets.  Turrets have 360-degree firing arcs, which make them optimal for escort builds, which tend to always face toward the enemy as opposed to broadsiding beam-builds you'll see in cruiser builds.  Additionally, you can change your bridge officer abilities for better results.  I would recommend the following (or something similar), assuming you wish to keep your DHC/Torpedo layout:

Commander Tactical: Tactical Team I, Attack Pattern Beta I, Torpedo Spread III, Cannon Scatter Volley III.

Lt. Commander Tactical/Intel (Universal Seat): Tactical Team I, Override Subsystem Safeties II, Attack Pattern Omega I.

Lt. Commander Engineering: Emergency Power to Weapons I, Auxilliary Power to the Structural Integrity Field I, Emergency Power to Weapons III.

Lt. Science: Science Team I, Hazard Emitters II.

Ensign Engineering: Engineering Team I.

which leads me to...

2.) Keybinds.  You asked about keybinds, so I would recommend downloading This Keybind Application to create your keybinds.  Keybinds are an incredibly useful tool in Star Trek Online and can be used to save the user of needless "point and click" micromanagement of abilities.  In a ship that uses a great deal of Tactical boff abilities, this is essential. 
This Tutorial guides you to setting up your first keybind using the keybind application.  Personally, I use this application to create my space and ground keybinds.  If you have any questions or have trouble using the application or don't understand the tutorial, don't hesitate to ask for help!
I'd recommend you use your abilities in this order in the keybind: EPTW3/EPTW1 Arrow TT1 Arrow APB1 Arrow CSV3 ArrowAux2Sif1.  I would not put Torpedo Spread in the keybind as you'll want to use this at an optimum time, such as during the swarm of Spheres in phases 2 and 4 of ISA.  Additionally, I'd also recommend not setting your torpedos to auto-fire, but that's another topic...

3.)  I realize you're on a tight budget, as a lot of avid STO players are, but if you're going to spend money on something in STO I would highly recommend buying the EC cap.  To put it bluntly, having a cap of 10 million EC in modern-day STO is just not feasible given the high prices of many items, such as the Plasmonic Leech, which is currently running at an excess of 10 million EC at current market prices.  Fortunately, you don't have to be a gold member or be a  LTS to buy one, as they cost only 500 Zen in the C-store.  This raises your EC cap from 10 million to 1 billion.  You will find very quickly that this a worthwhile purchase as it will allow you to buy higher-priced items you'll find on the exchange.  
EDIT: There's a 20% sale on services from now until August 1st, so it now costs 400 Zen.

4.) Lastly, concerning piloting in ISA, please check out this Reddit thread for the optimal strategy for completing ISA.  You'll notice that this thread was created in 2014 before Delta Rising launched, but the overall principles still remain the same in modern-day conditions.  Please note that in pugs people will not follow some of the steps outlined here, such as WFP, calling out Tactical Fleet/Intelligence Fleet, and waiting for a team leader to start the mission.  These steps are standard practice in runs in the DPS Channels, though, so please take note of that.  

Again, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact any of us in-game or call out in the forums. Big Grin

Thank you aaaict and Rev/Proxmire for the responses so far. been doing some tests so far and decided for now to put the Xyfus on hold and switch to the Icarus Pilot I did well on from my other toon Nadine. I have more wiggle on what i can do using the Phasers from my Temporal Agent booster packs than the Tetryon or polaron energy types (for my Krenim Science Vessel) from the reputation drops for now anyways so, yeah. All my other ships on Akima have been Phasers, and the same for my other toons after my first... (RomF) Valeria has stuck to plasma, and (KDF) Karoni has stuck to Disruptors. I figured the tips provided so far would work regardless of energy type anyways so that was the most logical thing to do for immediate improvement in DPS, especially since I'll need it going into the Iconian War arc.

I already had my survivability maxed out as can be seen in my choices for the skills tree, but would need a respec if i'd want max dps from there. However, from looking at other builds, the bulk of my points are going to be from the layouts i'll use to get me past the 10k mark, which will be good enough to keep up with everyone else.

(BTW is that what power creep is- keeping up with the others that are pushing the dps ceiling ever higher, or is there another term for that?)

I watched Mr. Valikin's 90 minute tutorial and picked up on a few things I could do right away, namely boff powers choice and the consoles types I currently have and should work towards. I'll need to rewatch it a couple more times to get everything down as needed, like the rom rep console i'll need... there were a couple times he refers to STOA... i didn't know he was a member lol

Anyways, here is the new ship, The U.S.S. Growler:

Initial build, using all DHC [crtd] [crth] [dmg] Phasers layout obtained from the lvl40 Temporal Agent Booster pack, and the quad cannon from the 2016 pre-anniversary ship giveaway.

First vulnerability locator added. I was wondering what would be overall better usage wise, getting 5 consoles for weapon type or energy type... decided to go with the energy type for the aforementioned logic ^^^ but still wondering about that...

FES Keybinder file added to execute full tray/row of buffs. couldn't get it to work on my spacebar but it works on my mouse scroll button, likely due to a problem that's popping up where the [alt] key is registering as on when it isn't stuck, and only in-game...

Upgraded 1 of the VR Phaser DHC mk X [Crtd] [Crth] [Dmg] to ULTRA mk XIV [Crtd] [Crth]x2 [Dmg] - used one of my temp agent upgrades and 3 omegas with the +1.5 research boosts (which are cheapest after the events end apparently). I can wait to do the others on the next upgrade event. would not be surprised if it pops to epic by the end of the year Smile

Added an EPS junction to compensate for power drain when firing. the +75% transfer rate seems to have helped level off the diminishing curve.

Day 1 DPS parsing shows average of 5.8K DPS, with a max hit of 8K. the charts also looks like they show a capability of starting at 16.8k DPS when flanking a first hit in ambush from full impulse, possibly due to the Omega Kinetic Shearing buff, but i don't know if that would count or what caused that.

Now that I've got a good start on this build (and will continue to add in more builds here as I go and learn), I'll have to figure out why I keep getting ridiculously low FPS in PVEs but not so much in regular missions. I've mentioned this in the chat channel before with rev and tried resetting my graphics to minimum and making sure renderscale and visscale are back to =1 but i still am getting down to the single digits on pve space. will have to try playing on the laptop to see if its the desktop or the server connection, since after all, your potential DPS don't mean squat if you can't see what you're shooting at! (unless of course you use the Force, which in that case is the WRONG GAME! LOL yes I like to be cynical, just like Meredith Rodney McKayTongue

(BTW, for the Skillplanner Devs, there's a couple ground items missing like the new Risa kit modules, Cold Fusion Flash, the resonant AP rifle from the undine reputation drops, and the [health] modifier for kits... oh and the party poppers/guns too. sent in a bug report, but in case it didn't go through there...
I also keep getting redirected to my own planner page whenever i try to click the links to other peoples builds on here)

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[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
so this happened today...

SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [03:35] DMG(DPS) - @revolution0214: 18.34M(90.50K) @ringolevio: 9.79M(48.72K) @MerriPayne: 4.30M(21.55K)
@akimalyn#2380: 2.84M(13.80K) @billy505: 2.19M(11.06K) 

 that was an "Eureka" moment Smile (with much more colorful language)
but as all good scientists know, its not confirmed until the result can be duplicated several times more....
this seems to confirm my suspicions that the fps lag was seriously cutting into my potential. fixed it by figuring out that of all things JAVA was messing up my entire download process for updates to windows, directX and my nvidia graphics. 

Ability________________________________Damage________DPS___Max One-Hit__Hull Damage__Shield Damage__Attacks____Hit Rate_______Crit %______Flank %
Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons - Scatter Volley III________451048________2194.88______16387________344804________106244__________78________100.00%________14.10%_______0.00%
Withering Photon Torpedo - Spread III_______________284795_______1385.86_______16991________265831_______18964___________47________100.00%________6.38%_________0.00%
Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons_______________________251560_______1224.14_______10128________180209________71352___________56________100.00%________8.93%________0.00%
Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons - Scatter Volley I_________243192________1183.41______19664________216494________26697___________34________100.00%________20.59%_______0.00%
Omega Kinetic Shearing__________________________230953________1123.86_______2895________230953________0______________343________100.00%________0.00%________0.00%
Quad Phaser Cannons - Scatter Volley III_____________177917_________865.77_______7219________138799________39118___________54________100.00%________9.26%________0.00%
Phaser Turret - Scatter Volley III____________________174686_________850.06_______6497________143018________31668_________78__________98.72%________11.69%________0.00%
Quad Phaser Cannons____________________________108326_________527.13_______5460________76855________31471__________45__________100.00%________20.00%_______0.00%
Thoron Infused Quantum Mines - Quantum Mine_______85549__________416.3________9728________85549________0______________25__________100.00%________36.00%_______0.00%
Quad Phaser Cannons - Scatter Volley I______________79206__________385.43_______7421________72439________6767___________19___________100.00%________10.53%______0.00%
Gravity Well I - Gravity Well________________________76387__________371.71_______1659________76387________0______________85__________100.00%________0.00%________0.00%
Withering Photon Torpedo - Spread I________________67831__________330.08______18623________64895________2936___________6___________100.00%________16.67%_______0.00%
Withering Photon Torpedo_________________________60290_________293.38_______22121________57763________2528___________5___________100.00%________0.00%________0.00%
Phaser Turret - Scatter Volley I_____________________57506_________279.83________4410________41691________15815__________40__________100.00%________7.50%________0.00%
Withering Barrage_______________________________42785_________208.2_________9449________35017________7769___________29___________100.00%________0.00%________0.00%
Phaser Turret___________________________________40041_________194.85________1532________20612________19429__________43__________100.00%________2.33%________0.00%
Thoron Infused Quantum Mines____________________24745_________120.41________2477__________929________23816___________25__________100.00%________0.00%________0.00%
Shield Mastery - Reflection________________________10680_________51.97_________5407_________4452________6228____________5___________100.00%________0.00%________0.00%
Mine Explosion - Chroniton Mine____________________5413__________26.34_________1363_________3831________1582____________3___________100.00%________0.00%________0.00%
Dual Polaron Cannons____________________________2362__________11.5__________1403_________960________1403_____________1___________100.00%________0.00%________0.00%
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
Congrats on 10+K DPS.  If you're anything like me, your goal of 10k will become 30k, which will become 50k, which will become 75k, and so on and so forth. Wink
The Science Pilot escort is a far better DPS-oriented escort than the Xyfius, and put in the hands of a science captain can actually get some pretty high numbers. 
Check out this 134k build for a Science Captain:
It appears I will need to do a respec, as when i started this process i had no idea of the importance of Critical Chance being the key to high DPS builds and completely passed on the "Weapons Specialization" part of the Skills tree. I have a suspicion that the game may be designed that way and hence why the paid members get free tokens to redo things as they level up and the needs change. Starting out is to survive, then at Admiral level it's to shut the enemies down as fast as possible.

UGH... good thing i have just enough zen for it. I'll hold off on changing it immediately until i get some responses on what to put where in there.

Here's the updated build- the previous one i posted will remain intact for reference and comparison purposes of anyone that's on the same path.

BEGIN LOG: 08/06/2016
Through hefty grinding, arc completion bonuses, and gifts from friends, I have managed to obtain several key upgrades.

1 DHC has been uprated to MK XI status, with the other DHC to be uprated when funds allow. 

The Thoron Infused Quantum Mine Launcher has been replaced with the Kinetic Cutting Beam to allow for faster and more frequent hits from the rear, making up any lost opportunities from enemies outrunning or targeting the mines.

The Turret may be replaced with an Omni beam array to circumvent lost potential from it taking the Cannon Scatter Volley boosts from the DHCs by triggering it before the target was fully lined up, and resulting in diminished accuracy and dps. Its attacks have been on the low end of the analysis reports.

The Subspace Field Modulator has been replaced by consumables, usually Shields Batteries or Weapons/Armor Catalysts, due to the -400 proton resistance rating. Possible it was the cause for spontaneous ship combustion.

The Assimilated Module and Plasmonic Leech have finally been installed, HUGE improvement in power levels.

After several experiments, two Plasma-Generating Weapon Signature Nullifier MK XI were obtained. One with [DrainX] and the other with [CtrlX]. The CtrlX was an accident at first but may have been a subconscious move to break holds by the tractor beams of the Borg and Tholians, which have been ship killers in the all front-facing designs. Additional nullifiers will be obtained with the [DrainX] proc, with further experimentation using [EPG] and [ShHeal] being considered and switched out as needed.
The Timeline Stabilizer from the Krenim may remain in place for its recharge time buffs/debuffs until advancements in massively overpowering fire deem it unnecessary.  (epic upgrading)

A Quantum Phase Converter was obtained before the acquisition of the Leech and a third Vulnerability Locator with installation of a 4th VL imminent. This replaces the Photonic Warhead console previously used for its Crits bonus. Once it's replaced with a 5th VL, the QPC could continue to be used in place of the Spatial Sinkhole Generator on an as needed basis. Currently the Withering Photons as a Spread III attack are still in the top 5 of the DPS analysis reports despite a 1.3K drop from their console boost being replaced. Their Withering Radiation Barrage has done well but could do better. Plasma or another special projectile weapon may be tested in its place for the future, in lieu of full replacement with another Canon.

Further custom keybinding refinements have helped out, with the current assignment being to create a synchronized auto-firing sequence where each energy weapon auto fires on its own every second, instead of all at once every 5 seconds. This in theory should alleviate the effect of diminishing returns and boost DPS ratings even more, until a [pen] proc can either be added or acquired.

SCM tests in ISA now show a solid minimum of 12K, with some even reaching 15K and a first-hit potential of 29K. The use of the DPS-Mark Foundry Mission is getting to be barely survivable too... In standard Missions combat, results are still below 10K. But 6-9K there is quite sufficient for battle.

END LOG. FILED: 08/07/2016
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
Alright, couple of things to note i think: 

1) Stick with parsing ISA for the moment. The DPS foundry mission is aimed at people with DPS in excess of 50 to 75K, which can tear apart the borg cubes in seconds. 

2) Interesting you decided to get the leech and VL before getting your weapons to Mk XIV. The most important way of dealing damage is via your weapons. So I really think the priority from hereon out needs to be getting good weapons (with [pen], [crtd] and [dmg] if possible) at MK XIV. There is not that much point in using Mk XI weapons i think. 

3) Look to get the iconian set as well as a big priority. The breen set is nowhere near as good. 

4) With the proton damage, in ISA the borg don't deal proton damage to my knowledge, so i don't think it should be an issue.
Correct, Borg do not deal proton damage.  Borg deal Plasma damage in space and ground combat, both.

As for the MKs on weapons, this is an important point that aaaict points out.  I'm using MkXIVs now so my DPS reports have been based off of them, but over the weekend, I had a whim to take a look at the new Kelvin timeline beams so I bought some and loaded the ship up just to try them out.  They were all XII, but I wasn't interested in putting time into upgrading them if I didn't like the looks so I joined up for a fleet action and gave them a spin.

My DPS was nearly 1/2.  Between the difference in Mk XII and XIV and the loss of the % to crit I get on my Fleet Anti-protons it was a huge difference.

On the bright side...hitting at or near 10K with MkXI or XIIs means that when you get them upgraded to Mk XIV, you'll shoot passed 10K with ease.
The only Plasma-Generating Nullifiers/Amplifiers you should be using if you're DPS-chasing are [DrainX] and [EPG] - both have their merits.  I'm not sure which Science abilities you're using, but it may not be worth making the switch to EPG if you are not using any Exotic abilities (Tractor Beam Repulsers, Gravity Well, FBP, etc.).  

Also, I tend to agree with the above information.  Getting the Four-piece Iconian set should be a priority for you.  However, I'd wait until you achieve T5 in all Reputation on your Temporal Agent, as you'll be able to get the set pieces at MK XIII UR right out of the gate.  Reputation items tend to be a pain in the ass to upgrade, so it's worth the wait.

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