First look at Star Trek: Discovery (new TV series)

The ship is odd looking the bottom looks almost like the Star Trek logo. It looks really flat to me compared to the other star trek ships which sort of  had a round or wide shape.


The ship looks a bit like the one that was DISCARDED for Star Trek Phase 2 designed by Ralph McQuarrie.

Or like a Connie Refit and a D7 had a love-child.

Not a fan of it in any case. Undecided

And who decided 'STD' was a good idea? I don't think they thought that through at all...

I think someone was asleep at the wheel at the STD idea.  Now i look at the ship again it looks like those airplane carriers.
LOL yea this is a pretty hot topic on all the chat channels, including ours... there is also growing speculation that this was a spoof, or that it was ordered by some nontrek exec as part of the smearing FU to the fans from the Axanar debacle and the crippling rules about fan contributions they've now put out. Either way, without a ship that fans are attracted to as the first cast member, the series isn't going to work. I have yet to hear of anyone that truely likes that design.

Anyone notice that it's in what appears to be a THOLIAN asteroid base?

Furthermore, the continuity of the registry, NCC-1031, was already assigned to the USS Eiger- an Akyazi-class perimeter action ship — of the Akyazi-subclass — on active duty inStarfleet during at least the late 23rd century. (Ships of the Star Fleet, vol. 2)

You would think that Gene's own son would be all up on them about continuity...

I agree with @The-Doctor's assessment of it:

"we wanted another Trek affair, and all we got was an STD" #SMH
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I had high hopes for a new Trek series, but so far they seem to be doing everything in their power to disappoint, frustrate, and alienate their fan base.
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Some new details have come up in the weeks since the premiere of the "test footage" they put out as SDCC. Fuller has now confirmed that it was an early test of the model and that the design has already changed. whether that is read as backpedaling or not to the majority of the fan base's response remains to be seen. 

We also know now that this is also going to be around the time of Robert April in command of the Enterprise for the first season, and that some of the lead roles will be for an up and coming female Lt Commander and a gay character too.

For the Ship design being refined better, we should get a newer, better look at it at the next public event in New York on September 8. For a LOT of us, the main problem with the design is the shape and bulk (and lack thereof) of the Secondary Hull. I would very much like to see the neck be twice as wide, like an Excelsior class. The Saucer section is tight, and even the Nacelles we are familiar with from the Andromeda/Yamato classes of STO

The flat rectangle on a triangle design will be changed.... But for now, I did some digging and found these pics from long ago on Google of other fan made RMQ-inspired designs that went down the same path that STD is on...
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That ship is a disaster. They've only got less than half a year until the new series, but with the crap CGI and the monstronsity of a ship, not got high hopes.
Did someone step on a starship model and think "yeah that'll look good"
what an awful looking ship

(08-19-2016, 10:34 PM)aaaict Wrote: That ship is a disaster. They've only got less than half a year until the new series, but with the crap CGI and the monstronsity of a ship, not got high hopes.

Yeah, but at least CBS managed to get their legal team to prevent projects like Renegades and others from producing Star Trek fan films (look at the old ST series cast people coming out for Renegades). I mean if you can't beat them... legal whip them, right? Picard Facepalm
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